Car Insurance Roundup, March 14, 2016

A driver had a heart attack and wrote off my parked car – but I’m having to pay | Money | The Guardian

My parked car was one of several hit by a driver who lost control after having a heart attack. By the time the police arrived my wrecked vehicle had been taken away on a trailer – at least two other cars were badly damaged, but mine was a write-off.

I assumed the driver’s insurance would pay for the damage, but this has not been the case. I initially contacted my insurer, Admiral, and assumed that my legal expenses cover would fund a claim. However, despite endless calls to find out what was going on, I was eventually told that as I have made a claim I have lost my no-claims bonus and £750 excess. I have explained that I need my no-claims bonus restored, particularly as I am only 20 and my insurance will be unaffordable without it. 

Auto Insurance Prices Can Be Reduced By 10 Important Factors! |

Knowing what makes auto insurance expensive and what makes it cheaper will help any car owner make the best decisions. The newly released article focuses on what makes car insurance cheaper. It presents 10 useful tips that drivers can use if they feel that their auto insurance premiums are too high.

Auto insurance is always cheaper for drivers who have a clean record: no tickets, no accidents, no arrests and no claims is what every agency prefers. Many brokers say that driving cautiously is the best money saving tip someone can apply to purchasing auto insurance. But the driving record is not the only thing that makes premiums cheap. 

27 Smart Ways to Save Money on Family Vacations |

Travel may not be your household’s biggest expense (homes and cars typically take that honor), but odds are it’s the expense you care the most about. That’s because, with all the planning and anticipation, family vacations are an investment of emotion as much as money. And they should be: We parents have but a handful of chances to create meaningful vacation memories for our kids, thanks to our crazy schedules and the ever-narrowing window when our kids will actually want to travel with us. 

Undercover investigation captures alleged car insurance fraud | CTV Toronto News

Police have laid charges in an alleged insurance fraud case after viewing an undercover video also obtained by CTV News.

The video, obtained exclusively by CTV Toronto and W5, was captured by hidden camera at a Toronto clinic last year.

It was presented as evidence to Toronto police, who charged a chiropractor, paralegal and receptionist with fraud-related offences after looking into the case. 

How Much Car Insurance Quotes Rise After an Accident or Violation

Car insurance is one of the few things people own for decades and hope never to use. Many drivers avoid filing even minor accident claims for fear of triggering higher premiums — either with their existing insurer or the next time they shop for coverage.

This concern doesn’t stop at just accidents, either. Many policyholders rightfully worry about moving violations, such as speeding tickets, lingering on their record and causing rate increases for years.

But exactly how much does car insurance go up after an accident or moving violation? NerdWallet crunched the numbers to illuminate the financial effects of these behind-the-wheel blunders: 

Senate OKs bill to factor credit scores into home and car insurance premiums

When Alaskans renew their car or homeowners insurance policy, insurers can’t use their credit history to determine their rate without their approval. That’s unlike all other states, where good credit means lower premiums and bad credit means higher premiums.

But the state Senate passed a bill this week that would bring Alaska in line.

Supporters of Senate Bill 127 said this will benefit most people in the state; opponents are concerned about the impact on low-income residents, rural Alaskans and minorities. 

Car Insurance Likely to Get Costlier | Freepress Journal

After the announcement of Union Budget 2016–17, it seems car owners have some more to lose. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA) is planning to increase the premium on car insurance as it incurs losses as per the current rate. The high rates are expected to be applicable from April 01, 2016. 

5 Important Reasons for Comparing Car Insurance Quotes Online! |

Comparing car insurance quotes is a great way to find information about top available policies in an area. Several websites now offer quotes from one or multiple agencies. Every company also has its official website where visitors can request quotes by completing an online form. Getting online quotes is faster and more efficient and almost every provider provides online services.

An insurance brokerage website like not provide quotes from a single agency. The website has connections with thousands of carriers and brokers will select the most advantageous policies for each customer Instead of completing multiple online form to get quotes from various agencies, clients can now save time by submitting only one quote form. 

New Car Insurance Quotes for Teenage Drivers Can Help Them Save on Premiums! |

Getting competitive rates has never been easier and many drivers can take advantage of the numerous resources available for free online. It is possible to quickly review the best policies in any area, without having to spend time or money getting quotes.

A single professional brokerage website like can provide quick quotes for numerous policies. The website has important connections with top brokers in every state. These brokers will choose advantageous policies for each customer and the selected quotes will be displayed on a single web page.

The selection process works based on an online form that every customer has to complete. Clients have to provide information about their vehicles, driving experience, but they can also customize their searches by selecting the desired type of coverage and benefits. The online form allows brokers to determine accurate prices for each visitor and it’s an important step. 

USA Quick Quotes Reveals Five Steps to Cheaper Car Insurance – Press Release – Digital Journal

Car insurance is required, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay more than required. A few simple steps combined with some time surfing for competitive car insurance rates really can save you serious money at renewal time. 


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