Health Insurance Roundup, March 17, 2016

Goodman, Part III: Health-Insurance Tax Credits Are “A Financial Mandate” – Forbes

John C. Goodman, Ph.D., is the dean of conservative health policy wonks, and my co-blogger here at Forbes. He founded and for decades was president and chief executive officer of the National Center for Policy Analysis, based in Dallas, Texas. The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets have called him “the father of health savings accounts.” He is currently president of the Goodman Institute for Public Policy Research and a senior fellow at the Independent Institute

Gov. Snyder signs law extending health insurance tax

Michigan’s tax on health insurance will continue under legislation signed by Gov. Rick Snyder.

The bill enacted Tuesday extends the health insurance claims assessment, which helps pay for Medicaid for low-income residents, until July 2020. The tax would have gone away in two years if the legislation were not adopted.

The 0.75 percent tax is expected to rise to 1 percent in 2017 when the federal government no longer allows another tax to fund Medicaid. 

How to minimise your health insurance hike

The dreaded April 1 health insurance increase is coming and this year, Australians can expect a hit to the hip pocket with an average increase to premiums of 5.59 per cent, adding approximately $200 a year to the cost of the average family policy.

For those who aren’t watching closely on your health insurer, you may be stung with an increase as high as 8.95 per cent, more than double the lowest increase of just 3.76 per cent.  For the full list of insurers and their price increases click here.

If you are currently receiving a rebate on your insurance, take note that you have received some of the $5.8 billion the government has handed out to members. 

Highmark: 150k people abandon health insurance plans in 2016 | News |

Highmark Inc. says roughly 150,000 people have abandoned health insurance plans they had bought from the Pittsburgh-based insurer on the individual market for 2016.

About 350,000 members were enrolled in 2015 for individual plans sold both on and off the federal marketplace.

That number dropped to about 195,000 members for 2016. 

How Health Insurance Companies Punish Patients

Who made health insurers God? My friend and I said the same thing the other day, “Insurance companies are running health care. And it’s scary.”

Increasingly health insurance companies are deciding what medicine we get regardless of what our doctors prescribe.

Last year my endocrinologist wrote a script for me for a new basal insulin, Toujeo. After a decade on Lantus, which daily petered out after only 19 hours, Toujeo’s profile showed 24-36 hour coverage. Using Toujeo would mean I had insulin in my body, as necessary, 24/7. 

Australian Medical Association reveal best and worst health funds

The best and worst health funds have been revealed and Medibank, the nation’s biggest health fund, has been found to offer some of the lowest benefits for common procedures.

For the first time ever the Australian Medical Association will today unveil what the major health funds will pay out for 22 of the most common hospital procedures. 

Carroll offers more options for health insurance, wellness |

A third option for health insurance will be available for employees with the Carroll County Public Schools during open enrollment in August. 

Loyalty360 – Health Insurance Providers Must Place Renewed Emphasis on Customer Experience

Customer engagement takes many forms, depending on the industry in question. For retailers and grocery stores, customers are actively looking to engage with the brand on positive terms, creating an ideal environment for connecting with the consumer base. For insurance companies, however, many customers hold distrust for the provider from the start, making customer engagement a steep uphill battle.   Through the leveraging of extensive customer data, IDC Health Insights believes that insurance companies now have the power to become a “partner in care” and build trusting relationships with customers. 

Four million elderly without health insurance – News VietNamNet

Speaking at a conference of the Vietnam National Committee on Ageing in Hanoi on March 15, the official explained that up to 4 million out of over 10 million elderly people in Vietnam (10.9 percent of the population) have no access to health insurance.

Around 2.85 million old people get retirement pensions and social insurance allowances. More than 1.5 million receive monthly social allowances. Nearly 566,000 others have been provided with free eye check-ups and treatment. 

Health Insurance Enrollment Event on Nantucket Tomorrow

The Community Action Committee of Cape Cod and Islands will be on Nantucket tomorrow for a Health Insurance Enrollment Event.

The event will be held to assist those who need to enroll or renew in Massachusetts Health Connector and MassHealth insurance plans or to answer questions about their plans. 


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