Car Insurance Roundup, March 23, 2016

Driver is imprisoned for having no car insurance

There were multiple cases of drivers fined for no insurance at Longford District Court yesterday with one man, who had previously driven again on the same day he had been disqualified, was sent to prison.

Edward Keenan, of Curracreehan, Moydow, Co Longford, stood to the side of the court while the judge was told of the charges against him.

Wearing a tracksuit and runners, he had one hand on his hip and the other on the back of the wooden bench where his solicitor was seated.

Judge Séamus Hughes was told the 23-year-old had been observed driving on March 10th at 9.10pm with no insurance. 

Car insurance tips from Dale E. Anstine | WPMT FOX43

Car insurance can be a difficult thing to navigate. As a customer, you want the best policy that fits your specific needs, whether it be more or less coverage and of course various price ranges.

With so many questions, it can be hard to get a clear-cut answer.

Today on FOX43 Morning News, Dave Pollick from Dale E. Anstine stops by the set to answer some of the most important car insurance questions. 

Car insurance fee going up for Michigan drivers –

The annual auto insurance fee that Michigan drivers pay toward caring for people catastrophically injured in crashes is rising to $160, a $10 increase.

The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association announced Tuesday the new per-car assessment for the 12 months starting July 1.

The Livonia-based group collects funds to reimburse auto insurers for personal injury protection claims that exceed $545,000 per claim. It paid out $1.1 billion in 2015, mostly for brain and spinal cord injuries, multiple fractures, and back and neck injuries.

Of the $150 being assessed, about $140 will cover anticipated new claims and $19 will address a $1.3 billion estimated deficit for existing claims. Another $0.40 will go to administrative expenses. 

Consumer Action Law Centre seek junk car loan insurance refunds | NT News

AT LEAST $350 million of worthless car loan insurance has been sold to consumers — often without their knowledge — and there’s a push to get the money back.

Consumer credit insurance (CCI) is meant to provide protection if the purchaser can’t meet repayments after losing a job, sickness, injury or death. But some sneaky sellers have signed up unemployed and seriously ill people who wouldn’t be able to make a claim — driven by commissions as high as $1800 on a $2000 premium.

An estimated 175,000 “junk” policies have been issued in the past five years, with documentation sometimes surreptitiously slipped into piles of paperwork car buyers are given to sign.

CCI has fewer claims, more denials and pays out less than other classes of cover, official statistics show. Just 23c in every dollar of premiums is returned to policyholders. 

Car ownership inexpensive in Ohio | The Columbus Dispatch

Ohio remains one of the least expensive states for car ownership, according to a new report from

The state’s drivers continue to benefit from low car insurance rates, which is likely due to robust competition by insurance providers. Ohio’s three-year cost for owning a car is $9,595.07, which ranks 47th out of 51.

The most expensive is Michigan with $15,314.53. The least expensive is New Hampshire with $8,098.

The report excludes the cost of monthly car payments. That leaves insurance, gasoline, repair costs and title fees, among others. 

The One Insurance Policy Your Practice May Not Have But Definitely Needs | Above the Law

Is your firm ready for “ransomware”? Do you even know what ransomeware is? If not, that’s a shame, because you’re probably not covered.

According to cybersecurity experts, ransomware is the up-and-coming brand of cyberattack that will hit companies — including law firms — like a firestorm this year.

That most firms aren’t covered against this emerging threat should come as little surprise since most firms aren’t covered against any of the panoply of cyber assault flavors floating around the Internet. Most haven’t stopped replying to that Nigerian prince, let alone figured out what protection they need. Though this is changing. 

Looking for Auto Insurance? Here’s How to Find the Best Deals – GroundReport

When it comes to owning a car, there are a few expenses that can be expected, one of them being car insurance. In the event of an accident, car insurance can help you navigate the road to recovery, as your company will assess the damages and the claims, helping you and your car get back on the road again as soon as possible.

However, finding the right auto insurance company can be challenging, as it is not always easy to determine what company has the best combination of price, coverage, and customer service. When seeking out auto insurance, here are a few things to keep in mind in order to find the right service for the best deal. 

Mobile app purchase propels GEICO to 14 million policies in force | Business Wire

GEICO rolled out the red carpet for its 14 millionth policyholder Christopher Stevens (pictured next to the Gecko) at a GEICO field representative office in Chattanooga, Tenn. To celebrate the milestone purchase, the company provided a limo for Stevens, live music, gift cards, and items from the GEICO Store. Pictured from left to right are Rhett Rayburn, GEICO regional vice president; GEICO agents Stephanie Piotrowski, Connor Hall, Ashley Newberry; The GEICO Gecko;

Turns Out It Really Pays To Fight A Ticket In The District: DCist

For most of the motorists who received one (or many) of the 2.6 million tickets the District handed out last year, forking over a fee seemed like much less of a headache than challenging the violation. But those who chose to fight their traffic citation or parking ticket were remarkably successful, according to an analysis by the AAA Mid-Atlantic.

AAA found that moving violations were the ones that drivers were both most likely to contest and most likely to win. More than 27,000 people, or about forty percent of those who received such a ticket, took their case to court—and an almost astonishing 71 percent of them got it dismissed. That is a sizable increase from years past. Hearing officers dismissed 63 percent of challenged moving violations in 2014 and 53 percent of them in 2013. 

Ixworth woman was due to collect new car when she crashed – Bury Free Press

Janet Machon, from Abbey Close in Ixworth, died at West Suffolk Hospital on June 24, 2015, following a car crash on the A143 Bury Road, Pakenham, earlier that day.

An inquest into Mrs Machon’s death heard she had been travelling south towards Bury in her blue Suzuki Splash when she collided with a blue Ford Mondeo.

Assistant Coroner Daniel Sharpstone said the incident had taken place at 3.55pm and Mrs Machon had been on her way to pick up a new car from a Suzuki dealership in Bury at 4pm. The car insurance on her current car was due to expire at this time.

“She went to overtake an articulated goods vehicle and collided with the Mondeo in a heavy glancing impact,” he said. 

The 10 Most Expensive States for Owning a Car | The Fiscal Times

The cost of owning a car goes far beyond the purchase price. There are taxes to pay, as well as insurance premiums and maintenance costs. Taken together, these extra expenses can add up to thousands of dollars a year.

The amount you spend on your vehicle can vary dramatically depending on where you live. A new study from the personal finance website Go Banking Rates found that the cost of owning a new car can differ by as much as $7,217 over three years, depending on the state you live in. 


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