Car Insurance Roundup, April 29, 2016

Car Insurance

Car insurance payments to rise as fire levy added | Radio New Zealand News

Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne has announced $303 million will be spent over four years to combine urban and rural fire services into one organisation from the middle of next year. 

Online Car Insurance Benefits | The World Beast

Traditionally, the procedure of purchasing insurance coverage for your vehicle required lots of documentation; however, online motor insurance allows the owner of the vehicle to save time as well as his hard earned money. 

Get Free Car Insurance Quotes Faster Thanks To New Website Upgrade! |

Finding the right auto insurance plan takes comparing multiple quotes. Without an efficient process in place, this can take  a lot of time. Drivers can now review multiple policies in just a few minutes, without having to pay any fees. A professional brokerage website has been updated with a new search engine that is able to get quotes faster. 

A guide to the Pass Plus scheme | Carbuyer

Young drivers have it tough. Driving lessons are expensive, the UK driving test is notoriously tricky and once they’ve passed it, many young motorists find car insurance to be prohibitively costly. What’s more, you can lose your licence if you get just six penalty points in your first two years on the road and you can’t even practise motorway driving as a learner. 

Renters encouraged to protect themselves with renters insurance – The Morning Call

If you own your home and it burns down, the repairs and replacement of your belongings will be covered by your homeowners insurance. But if you’re a renter and suffer a fire, your landlord’s policy won’t help you and your belongings won’t be covered unless you have renter’s insurance. 

Cheapest and costliest cars to insure | Cars |

One of the easiest ways to save on car insurance is to choose a model that’s cheaper to cover in the first place. 

7 Insider Tips You Should Know Before Buying Your First Car | Brit + Co

Adulting can sometimes be hard. And overwhelming. And borderline exhausting. There’s figuring out how to ace your finals and deciding what to do with your tax refund to deal with, but few things are tougher to navigate than buying your first car. Since you’ve been working hard tosave more money, forking over a large chunk of cash is nothing to joke about. To make sure that you get exactly what you want at a fair price, we caught up with Scott Chesrow, car expert at Vroom, the largest online retailer of pre-owned vehicles. Scott gave us seven insider tips for buying a car that’ll make sure you’re still happy months after getting the keys to your new ride. 

Drive drunk, too fast or recklessly and watch your premiums increase | The News Tribune

Got caught and now you wonder why your car insurance rates went up? The website is out this week with its annual review of nationwide rate increases. 


Health Insurance Roundup, April 29, 2016

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Companies Set to Hike Obamacare Premiums – NBC News

Expect insurers to seek significant premium increases under President Barack Obama’s health care law, in a wave of state-level requests rippling across the country ahead of the political conventions this summer. 

Health insurance spikes in 2017 may mean more competition

In the small universe that is health insurance, 2017 may turn out to be pretty nice for the men and women who predict how much insurers have to pay out in claims. 

Striking Verizon workers soon to lose company health insurance coverage | Business Insurance

A strike by nearly 40,000 Verizon Communications Inc. workers is in its third week with unions and the company still far apart on contract talks, even as employee healthcare benefits are set to expire on Saturday. 

30 Issues | A Quick and Helpful History of Health Insurance in America – The Brian Lehrer Show – WNYC

If you want a brief history of presidents, campaigns, and the health insurance debate, listen to the first 10 minutes or so of the segment above. You’ll hear Lyndon B. Johnson signing medicare into law in 1965, Bill Clinton asking for Congress’ support in fixing a broken healthcare system in 1993, and Obama signing the ACA. 

A.M. Best Withdraws Ratings of InStil Health Insurance Company | Business Wire

A.M. Best has affirmed the financial strength rating of A- (Excellent) and the issuer credit rating of “a-” of InStil Health Insurance Company (InStil) (Columbia, SC). The outlook for each rating is stable. Concurrently, A.M. Best has withdrawn the ratings in response to the company’s request to no longer participate in A.M. Best’s interactive rating process. 

Rate increase on long-term care health insurance being debated – Baltimore Sun

Senior citizens already paying heavy premiums on their long-term care insurance plans strongly urged state regulators on Thursday to oppose any additional rate hikes wanted by insurance carriers. 

Consumer Engagement Vital in Health Insurance Exchanges

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has brought a variety of changes for both insurers and healthcare providers with the establishment of health insurance exchanges holding a top place in reforming reimbursement between payers and providers. The new provisions of the Affordable Care Act as well as the operation of health insurance exchanges, however, have brought more of a financial loss for some payers selling health plans through the marketplace. 

Three steps to slash family health costs –

YET again the cost of private health insurance is on the rise. Vhi Healthcare is increasing its rates by up to 6pc from May 1, and GloHealth has announced a price increase on a range of plans by up to 8pc from the same date. 

Grand Traverse County Commissioners Approve Pension and Health I – Northern Michigan’s News Leader

At the end of the year, Grand Traverse County will have owe more than $58 million dollars liability for retiree pensions and health care. 

Life Insurance Roundup, April 29, 2016

Life Insurance

When Should You Make Your Spouse Get Life Insurance? Patch…

If you happen to live in a film noir movie, or you’re a character in a certain vintage of mystery novel, you should be extremely suspicious when your spouse insists on purchasing a generous life insurance policy. This goes double if it comes on the heels of making plans (also suggested by your spouse) for your first-ever skydiving excursion, or an exploratory tour of an active volcano. 

Unemployed EPFO Members Get Life Insurance Reprieve – The Quint

The government has decided to continue providing life insurance to people who lost their jobs as long as they get employed in three years,reports The Hindustan Times. 

Allianz Life Insurance to cut 17 % of workforce via voluntary retirement program – Pulse by Maeil Business News Korea

Allianz Life Insurance Korea Co., recently acquired by China’s Anbang Insurance Group, is set to let go about 200 employees through a voluntary retirement program as part of its downsizing effort after it posted a loss last year.  

Amendments to the Regulations Governing Non-Life Insurance Enterprises Engaging in Injury Insurance and Health Insurance – Lexology

To specify the scope of underwriting injury insurance for non-life insurance enterprises, the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) amended the “Regulations Governing Non-Life Insurance Enterprises Engaging in Injury Insurance and Health Insurance”, per the letter Ref. No. Jin-Guan-Bao-Cai-Chan No. 10402527031 dated 31 December 2015. 

Exide Life Insurance Announces Launch of Exide Life Income : PTI feed, News – India Today

Exide Life Insurance Announces Launch of Exide Life Income Advantage Plan A unique savings cum insurance plan which works to your advantage by providing you regular guaranteed income and life insurance cover. 

Millions in life insurance benefits owed to Californians

Officials in California have now said that thousands of people across the state are owed millions of dollars in life insurance benefits – sometimes in amounts that are greater than $100,000 – and that many of these individuals have no idea that this money is owed to them. 

‘Fresh upgrade cycle to start for specific sectors’ | Business Line

With Indian markets wobbling again after a fantastic run since March, Prashant Sharma, Chief Investment Officer of Aviva Life Insurance, expects equities to witness volatility in the short-term due to earnings downgrades and global growth concerns. 

Old insurance policies costing customers | SBS News

Customers are being slugged with higher fees for life insurance as companies struggle to administer outdated and sometimes ineffective cover, the Australian corporate regulator says. 

Car Insurance Roundup, April 28, 2016

Car Insurance

Reduced Car Insurance Benefits Coming June 1 | News Talk 980 CKNW | Vancouver’s News. Vancouver’s Talk

Get ready to get a notice from your insurance company that auto insurance benefits in Ontario are changing.

The  changes will come into effect on June 1st and the amount your provider will cover for injuries will be lower than before. Welcomes Metromile as Newest Insurance Partner | Business Wire, the first true car insurance comparison website in the United States, has welcomed Metromile, a pioneer in pay-per-mile car insurance, to their website offerings. Metromile is now providing quotes to users in California, with the intention to expand their reach to more states later this year.  

Officer charged in car insurance fraud case – Story

Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt has filed a criminal complaint against Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Jeffrey Lynn Harper, 38, for alleged crimes arising from the burning of his 2014 recreational vehicle. . 

Shopping for Car Insurance in 2016 – Find Good Discounts Online! |

Shopping for auto insurance in 2016 will help car owners get advantageous prices without having to spend too much time. Comparing auto insurance quotes remains the best method to shop for insurance plans. Online quotes are now available and for free on a single insurance brokerage website: . 

Insurance Penalties For Michigan Drivers Are Higher Than Most Of The Country

You already know that Michigan is the most expensive state when it comes to owning a car. Here’s part of the reason behind that. A report released by has determined that Michigan is one of the states with the highest insurance penalties in the U.S. 

Revealed: BBC and MSN’s car preferences and costs

Barcelona and Real Madrid have a rivalry on the pitch, but it’s also one analysed off the pitch, too. In this sense, according to a study by ‘’, Madrid’s BBC trident – Bale, Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo – have cars which are worth a total of 15 million euros, while Barça’s MSN’s total collection – Messi, Suarez and Neymar – is worth close to five million euros.  

Refalo’s car accident – minister blames insurance company for failing to renew road licence – The Malta Independent

Gozo Minister Anton Refalo has confirmed that his road licence was expired when he was involved in a traffic accident in March but laid the blame on the General Workers Union’s insurance company, with whom his car is insured. 

Insurance provider Staysure seeks 120 new staff | Business intelligence for recruitment and resourcing professionals

UK insurance and travel provider Staysure expects to use a mix of recruitment methods, including a number of preferred recruitment agencies, to fill 120 new jobs across its business in 2016. 

The Indian Uber driver | The Indian Express

‘Madam, I bought an Indica to drive for Uber but sold it to buy a Swift Dzire to get a higher rate from the company. But now they keep cutting the incentives so Dzire, Etios and Innova drive at the same rate. At least this is my car, imagine those taking the cars on lease’, said Mohan*, a driver who has been working for Uber for over a year. 

It’s time for British consumers to get real | Coffee House

‘That’s Asda price’ is a thing of the past. The slogan’s long gone and so, it appears, is the retailer’s commitment to offering customers value for money. The regulator has just singled it out by demanding a written pledge that it will change its ways when it comes to promotional deals, which have been criticised for being somewhat dodgy.  

Health Insurance Roundup, April 28, 2016

Health Insurance

A policy that covers your OPD expenses | Business Standard News

Indian consumers’ hesitation to buy health insurance perhaps stems from the fact that most of the health care expense goes towards outpatient care, medicines and other medical goods, while in-patient or hospitalisation accounts for a smaller share. And, most health insurance policies cover only hospitalisation costs. So, what is the point of buying health insurance if it does not pay for most of the health care costs? 

Wise-up Wednesday from Zane Benefits: Top 5 health insurance options for dental practices – DentistryIQ

For many dental practice owners and brokers, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) can feel like a moving target. However, for small practices with fewer than 50 employees who are not mandated to provide health insurance, the options for small group health insurance are clearer. 

Health insurance region study clears Colorado House, Senate | Steamboat Pilot & Today

A bill that would require a study of the feasibility of placing all of Colorado into a single region for purposes of determining health insurance costs has passed both the Colorado Senate and House and will now head to Gov. John Hickenlooper’s desk. 

California considering bill that would give undocumented immigrants health insurance | Fox News Latino

Legislators in California introduced a bill this week that asks the federal government for permission to sell health insurance through the Covered California exchange to people who can’t prove they’re legally in the country. 

Opinion: Help navigating health insurance

I noticed that, like most press coverage, the recent article “Dropping Vermont Health Connect has consequences” (March 21) made no mention of the support available to Vermonters experiencing challenges. Unfortunately, most Vermonters don’t seem aware that free help is available. 

Bill would require Illinois health insurance companies to cover tamper-resistant opioid medication

A coalition of physicians, law enforcement agencies, addiction survivors and substance abuse counselors urged state lawmakers during a press conference Tuesday to pass legislation that would make it more difficult to misuse prescription opioid medication. 

Will capping the tax exclusion kill employer health insurance?

With issues still surrounding the tax exemption on employer health insurance and the pending Cadillac tax remaining a contentious point, one industry expert believes he has a solution that offers “better health insurance choices and greater fairness to low-income Americans.”  

Risk Adjustment Affects Plans on Health Insurance Exchanges

The trade association AMGA, which entails a large membership of medical groups and healthcare delivery systems, submitted comments last week to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regarding its proposal to change risk adjustment methodology for health insurance plans that are sold through the state health insurance exchanges. 

Health insurance for govt, garment workers on cards | The Daily Star

The government has taken an initiative to launch health insurance for government employees and social health insurance for garment workers, Health Minister Mohammed Nasim said yesterday. The insurance schemes are part of the Healthcare Financing Strategy 2012, which has been prepared already, he told the parliament. 

Greg Feste offers supplemental health insurance advice |

Even if you have standard health insurance, it can be hard to cover all your costs. Doctor’s appointments, medications, tests – these are just some of the benefits your existing health insurance probably offers. But many Americans are left holding hefty bills after medical procedures or an illness – costs that health insurance policies usually don’t cover at 100 percent, or at all. 

Life Insurance Roundup, April 28, 2016

Life Insurance

VHI set to enter life insurance market –

The move is expected to put further downward pressure on premiums for consumers.

It is the first expansion of the product offering from the VHI since it was authorised by the Central Bank last July.

The new product will be underwritten by Zurich Insurance and marketed by the VHI to its one million-plus customers over the phone, it is understood.

This is one of the largest customer databases in the country.

The move comes after Canadian-owned Irish Life said it was taking over both Aviva Health and GloHealth. 

Jobless EPFO members get life insurance relief | india | Hindustan Times

For people unfortunate enough to lose their jobs, here’s a silver lining. The government plans to continue providing them life insurance as long as they get employed in three years.

The state-run Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) plans to extend life insurance cover to people out of a job at a nominal premium amount for up to three years.

The move will help thousands of organised sector workers who lose insurance cover the moment they’re unemployed, a major handicap in a country where around 3% people are insured. 

Guardian Enhances Workplace Benefits With Voluntary Permanent Life Insurance Coverage | Business Wire

The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America® (Guardian), one of the largest mutual life insurers and a leading provider of employee benefits, today announced the availability of Voluntary Permanent Life Insurance through the workplace. 

LexisNexis Risk® Solutions Honored as Life Insurance Underwriting Industry Leader for Most

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions has been recognized as an industry leader by Aite Group, an independent research and advisory firm.  The company was acknowledged for its innovative use of data in the category of “Addressing the mortality challenge in life insurance underwriting.” 

CHOICE calls for life insurance industry code of practice

CHOICE is calling on the Federal Government to make long overdue changes to the life insurance industry, to protect vulnerable consumers from unscrupulous business practices.

In the wake of the CommInsure claims scandal exposed last month by the ABC’s Four Cornersprogram and Fairfax Media, the Senate financial advice inquiry agreed to investigate the industry. 

Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company announces new board chairman – News – Canton Journal – Canton, MA

Canton-based Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company announced that its current president and CEO, Paul A. Quaranto Jr., has been elected chairman of the board of directors. 

Life Insurance : IRDAI Asks Insurers Not To Depend on Banks for Selling Life Insurance Policies – Moneylife

Banks are now playing a predominant role in distributing policies of private insurers. Insurance regulator IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) has warned life insurance companies against overdependence on banks for selling life insurance policies. The fear in the insurance industry is that if RBI (Reserve Bank of India) asks banks to refrain from selling insurance, sales of insurers dependent on banks would be hit. Bancassurance fears were discussed by IRDAI with chief executive officers of life insurance companies at a special meeting. IRDAI also made it clear to the insurance industry that they would not have the freedom to increase commission for selling life insurance policies. 

Premiums jump for long-term care insurance in Pa. | TribLIVE

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department said Tuesday that it capped requested rate increases at 20 percent for most long-term care insurance plans after four carriers requested increases up to 130 percent. 

PacLife has eyes for Genworth’s term-life business | Healthcare Dive

In a move to strengthen its market hold, Pacific Life Insurance is considering buying Genworth Financial’s term-life technology platform and certain other assets, Bloomberg reported

Chinese Bidders Expected in Upcoming Sale of ING Life Korea –

Asian private-equity firm MBK Partners LP is kicking off the sale of one of South Korea’s largest life insurers in a deal that could fetch more than $3 billion, according to people familiar with the situation. 

Car Insurance Roundup, April 26, 2016

Car Insurance

Sparks fly when I try to insure my Nissan Leaf electric car | Money | The Guardian

I replaced my 1.6 litre diesel VW Golf with a Nissan Leaf electric car six months ago, and am now totally converted to electric cars.

However, when our insurance recently came up for renewal the premium almost doubled from around £300 to more than £600. When asked why, the broker said many insurers won’t insure electric vehicles because they are an “unknown quantity”.

The more I think about it, the more unfair I think it is, as it pays to drive sedately in an electric vehicle as you save charge, and I suspect that drivers have far fewer accidents pro rata. 

A New Blog Post Presents Car Models That Get the Cheapest Auto Insurance Premiums! |

Not every vehicle will get the same auto insurance premiums. Some are cheaper to cover than others. The reason for this is the good safety rating that some models get and their overall technical condition. 

Natural Factors That Can Damage a Car and The Importance of Having Comprehensive Auto Insurance! |

A car can be damaged by natural phenomenons and if this happens, the only type of auto insurance that pays benefits in this scenario is comprehensive coverage. This type of plan is designed to cover damages caused by things that are out of the insured’s control. It also provides protection for theft, vandalism and damages caused by animals. 

Minimum wage fails to support average citizen

The minimum wage in Florida is currently set at $8.05, which means a 40-hour work week earns the average employee $322.

Assuming the employee, let’s call her Jess, never took a sick day or vacation and worked 40 hours for 52 weeks, that person would only earn $16,744 before taxes. The Federal poverty level for one person in 2016 is set at $11,800.

If Jess lived in Orlando and paid the average rent of $988 for a one bedroom apartment, that leaves her with just $4,888. This all before taxes — and utilities, groceries, car payments, gas, car insurance, medical expenses, health care, birth control, toiletries and her cell phone bill. That’s assuming Jess is the type of person who doesn’t subscribe to Netflix, doesn’t attend any sort of entertainment events and doesn’t have a pet. 

Kemsley: Why I like to drive for Uber | Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa city council’s Uber debate leans in the direction of taxi-like regulation. Users and Uber drivers have been ignored and forgotten. The costs concomitant with regulation will downgrade the quality of life of Ottawa’s most vulnerable — new Canadians, students and people hovering around the poverty line. 

£13.3m motorists risk driving with bad eyesight – Brechin Advertiser

New research has revealed that 13.3 million motorists who need glasses or contact lenses drive without them.

Such risky driving increases the risk of an accident four-fold and drivers risk invalidating their insurance, a £1,000 fine or could face prison if they cause a fatal accident due to defective vision.

The research, by Direct Line Car Insurance, found that 37 per cent of motorists claim they haven’t had a vision test in the past two years or more, despite good eyesight being a basic requirement of safe driving. 

10 Best and Worst Deals in Hawaii | GOBankingRates

Warm trade winds, swaying palms, crystal blue waters: There are several reasons why more than 8.5 million people visited Hawaii in 2015, spending a record $15.2 billion. As of December 2015, visitors spent an average of $197 per day, per person. For a family of four on holiday, the average can really add up. 

Health Insurance Roundup, April 26, 2016

Health Insurance

North Carolina’s Obamacare Exchange: And Then There Were Two – Forbes

The irony of Obamacare is that its health insurance exchanges are suffering from a problem that was supposed to be avoided – what health economists calladverse selection. When health insurance plans must cover people with preexisting conditions and they are not allowed to charge premiums that reflect the risk of those conditions, then people have every incentive to wait until they are sick to enroll in an insurance plan. This forces insurers to deal with a greater number of expensive policyholders compared to healthy members in their risk pools. 

Medicaid Expansion Is Obama’s Unsung Success Story | Care2 Causes

So much of the Obamacare debate has focused on the by now well known health insurance exchanges, and the insurance that can be purchased there. These exchanges are, in many ways, the defining feature of the law and the focal point of many of the law’s controversial provisions. 

Surprise, surprise: Insurers losing money on Obamacare

Health insurance companies all around the nation are waking up to the realization that the Affordable Care Act is not so affordable for them.

Having lost money on their Obamacare plans, several insurers are talking of raising their premiums next year while others are thinking of dropping out of the Obamacare exchanges altogether.

But premium hikes will not solve the problem because the entire Obamacare system is fundamentally flawed, according to the past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. For starters, the law has perverted the meaning of health insurance. 

80 % of Indian population not covered under any health insurance – Times of India

People in villages mainly depend on `household income or savings’ (68%) and `borrowings’ (25%) to fund hospitalization expenses, reflecting the failure of the agencies in expanding the reach of government health facilities and insurance cover in rural areas. 

Information on Health Insurance and Assistance at the…

The Westchester Department of Health is sponsoring sessions at the Mount Vernon Public Library to help people find affordable health insurance for themselves and their families.

Healthcare navigators, people who are trained in helping consumers look for health coverage options through the online marketplace, will be present. The sessions are held in the Trustee’s Room at the Mount Vernon Public Library on Mondays from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., by appointment only. 

Alibaba Health sets up JV with China Taiping Insurance –

The offshoots of e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba Group Holding Ltd are setting up a joint venture with a major insurance company in China, tapping into the huge potential of the country’s internet health insurance sector.

Alibaba Health Information Technology Ltd said in an after-trade filing to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Thursday that it has entered into an agreement with six other parties to establish a joint venture, which is to engage in internet health insurance related operations in China. 

The Post

Everyone has a right to accessible and affordable health care. However, most people  are let down by poorly funded health systems and the high fees charged by private  health insurers. Last year, President Edgar Lungu, gave policy direction on social health insurance  and we await the tabling of the social health insurance bill in Parliament.  While we have heard policymakers talking about this landmark policy direction, the discussion is very unfamiliar to many Zambians who are actually the beneficiaries and key stakeholders in this discourse. It is therefore important that everyone understands the benefits and how they can actively engage with this new approach to health care financing which was included in the 2016 budget by the Minister of Finance. 

Ask Ken: Think about long term care insurance

Question: My husband and I are close to retirement and we both have parents in assisted living. I can’t believe the costs. What do you think about long term care insurance? 

Where Bernie Sanders’ Health Care Crusade Might Go From Here

Bernie Sanders can make a real difference in the causes he’s championed, even if he doesn’t become president.

That’s particularly true for one of his signature issues: health care. No matter what happens with the Democratic presidential nomination, the Vermont senator can keep pushing to to fill in the holes of Obamacare, while creating the building blocks for the single-payer system he has advocated for his entire political career. 

County health options – Harlan Daily Enterprise –

The Harlan Fiscal Court has decided to look for options regarding health insurance for city employees.

Harlan County Judge-Executive Dan Mosley advised the court the current provider quoted an increased rate for renewal.

Mosley asked County Treasurer Ryan Creech to go over some specifics concerning renewal. 

Life Insurance Roundup, April 26, 2016

Life Insurance

Financial product: Southern Cross life insurance |

Southern Cross is the country’s largest health insurer by a country mile, but is has been expanding its portfolio of other insurances it sells to people.

As well as its health insurance policies, parts of the group sell travel insurance, critical care insurance, pet insurance, and now life insurance.

It’s head of product Chris Watney says it is a natural extension for the group, which is a not-for-profit owned by its members. 

Rio Olympics-bound Indian athletes to get Rs one crore life insurance for the first time – Firstpost

In a first of its kind move, the Olympics-bound Indian athletes were on Saturday presented life insurance cover worth Rs one crore even as the Indian Olympic Association roped in three sponsors in its quest for financial independence.

Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance of financial conglomerate Edelweiss Group, which will be the principal sponsor of the Indian contingent at Rio Olympics, on Saturday offered a life Insurance cover of Rs 1 crore for each athlete representing India at the Rio Olympics. 

Manulife to insure those who are HIV-positive | Toronto Star

Working on behalf of HIV-positive women and sex workers over the last decade in Toronto, Yasmeen Persad knows full well that even the small victories matter when it comes to big corporations.

So the Toronto outreach worker was pretty pleased when Manulife Financial announced Friday that it will now accept applications for life insurance from people who are HIV-positive. 

Concord Monitor – Online form helps hunt for forgotten life-insurance policies

The New Hampshire Insurance Department has created an online form to help people look for life insurance policies that were bought in the state but forgotten about.

The Lost Life Policy Locator service was announced Friday, April 22.

“We developed this service to help those who have lost a loved one and suspect that he or she may have purchased an annuity contract or life insurance policy in the state,” said New Hampshire Insurance Commissioner Roger Sevigny. “We know that during this difficult time, tracking down a policy is often the last thing someone wants to think about.” 

Planning to take a life insurance? Few tips to keep in mind | The Financial Express

Life, with all its uncertainties, does not always follow a planned path. This is why you need to be prepared for different financial needs and financial vagaries that you may experience at different stages in life. It is thus financially prudent to plan and be prepared in advance. Here are a few tips on how to be prepared for the uncertainties that may come our way. 

Keep track of life insurance policies

Over the years, I have met with many families who have lost loved ones. We help make sure the loved one’s final wishes get carried out and their stuff gets to where it’s supposed to go.

Some people will pass away and all of their paperwork is supremely organized. They have binders containing lists of all their assets, account numbers, the institution where they are located and a contact person there. Other people aren’t as organized. 

Bangladesh embassy introduces life insurance police for maids | The National

The Bangladesh embassy has introduced an insurance policy to help dom­estic workers support their families in the event of their death or should they suffer ­major health problems.

If they should die, an insurance company will pay the family Dh42,000 and, in the case of injury, they will be granted relative financial support, according to the policy.

Other countries that send domestic workers to the UAE, such as the Philippines and Nepal, do not provide such cover and claim compensation through the courts in the event of an accident. 

Financial statements of life insurance companies faulty?

A public limited company is required to include a profit and loss account in its annual report. Public limited companies are born to do business with public money and therefore obliged to show profit or loss in their financial statements. Accounting and taxation without a profit and loss account is fundamentally wrong. Our life insurance companies are public limited companies but do not prepare a profit and loss account and do not show their profit or loss in their financial statements. This behaviour is inconsistent with both national and international accounting standards and other regulations. All life insurance companies around the world, except Bangladeshi companies, prepare profit and loss account which is the basic of accounting and taxation. What do our life insurance companies do? 

Best stocks of the day: China Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (NYSE:LFC) – News Journal

It looks like China Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (NYSE:LFC) had an excellent day at the stock market, with its price going up by -0.16%, to 12.17. This is a change of -0.25% from open which creates a gap of 0.08%. The total volume of shares traded was 383889 which puts the relative volume at 0.56 for the day. This is great news for the sector.

The stock went public on 12/17/2003 and has an average volume of 980.23. The weekly volatility is at 1.78% while the monthly volatility rests at 1.99%. 

Mortgage Matters: Down-payment options may make homeownership a reality | Life |

The most recent National Association of Realtors profile shows that 40 percent of repeat buyers and 66 percent of first-time homebuyers, are putting less than 10 percent down. Understanding all of your low-down-payment mortgage options may aid you in obtaining a mortgage while helping to save money.

Different types of mortgages can be tailored to purchase a home. If you’re looking to use a conventional loan and you made a down payment of less than 20 percent of the home’s value, you’re probably going to need mortgage insurance, commonly known as PMI. If using, for example, a government FHA loan, you’re going to need mortgage insurance, known as MIP. Confusing I know. 

Car Insurance Roundup, April 25, 2016

Car Insurance

Irish drivers more worried about car insurance than road law, new survey reveals – Irish Mirror Online

Drivers worry more about the rising cost of car insurance than being stopped by gardai enforcing traffic laws, a new AA survey reveals.

The study found 92% of motorists said they believe the cost of insurance cover to be the biggest motoring issue they’ll face this year.

Just 50% of those asked said they feel the level of Garda activity on Irish roads is a prime concern. 

Regulator eyes peer-to-peer insurance startups, warns of potential risk – The Globe and Mail

Imagine joining a social network that’s not for pictures of people’s kids and pets, but for home and car insurance.

That kind of thinking is at the heart of several “peer-to-peer” insurance startups, which promise a less bureaucratic and expensive way to share risk. It’s an idea that’s gaining traction in the United States and Europe. But as Canada’s insurance industry readies itself for digital disruption, one regulator warns that some customers could get burned by unlicensed and unregulated businesses. 

Admiral Insurance co-founder: ‘We were trying to get from Monday to Tuesday, not into the FTSE 100’

When Henry Engelhardt said he was giving £1,000 to every employee at Admiral to celebrate his own departure, staff in Cardiff gave him a standing ovation. In Rome, employees making a thank-you video for him were so loud that executives on another floor started checking their phones for reports of an earthquake. 

The week’s best financial advice

Near-retirees with a small retirement fund may be tempted to downsize their home and use the equity to boost their savings, said Jane Bennett Clark at Kiplinger. But there are “surprising costs” to this common strategy. Making the property more attractive to sell may require thousands of dollars in repairs and upgrades. Real estate agent commissions and the cost of packing and moving will eat into your profits, as will possible condo fees at your new place. If you lose a driveway in the move, you may have to fork out for a parking space. And be prepared to pay for a storage unit to stash those keepsakes and heirlooms you can’t squeeze into your new home. 

Uber and Grab’s price war to attract more riders seems to be working in Singapore

Ride-hailing apps Uber and Grab are locked in their latest price war, and early data shows it’s working to get more “butts in seats”, Uber said on Monday.

Uber’s Singapore general manager, Warren Tseng, said in a press briefing that since the company cut its fares by 15% last week, it’s noticed overall rides in Singapore have increased by 10%, and there was a 20% increase in new riders. 

Compare Auto Insurance Quotes to Find To Policies and Then Combine Them to Save Money! |

Families with multiple drivers can save  a lot of money by insuring all the cars with the same carrier. All the vehicles require coverage and this can be expensive for the whole family, but combining all the coverage plans into one, solid policy will help the entire household save money. 

KC Royals: MLB Needs A New Bo Jackson

Forget about the gleaming stadiums, the multi-billion dollar TV contracts, and the unheard-of local ratings for our very own Kansas City Royals. The long-term future of the game needs to address one big shortcoming: it’s players rarely get recognized outside their local market. 

Ken de la Bastide column: Stutzman latest candidate to misuse donations | Columns |

Republican Marlin Stutzman is the latest Indiana politician to get caught diverting campaign donations for personal use.

This past week the Associated Press reported that Stutzman used $2,000 in campaign donations to pay for a six-day vacation trip to California for his wife and children.

The focus on the California trip resulted from a Facebook posting by Stutzman’s wife showing the family at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and describing the trip as a family vacation. 

FCA mulls FSCS compensation limit increase

The FCA will look at whether it should increase the amount of compensation investment customers can claim from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), it said in a policy statement out on 25 April.