Car Insurance Roundup, April 15, 2016

Things you may miss out while getting car insurance – Getting car insured? Don’t miss these 4 things | The Economic Times

 Is your vehicle insurance good enough to cover unforeseen incidents? While it may seem so, chance are that you may still not be able to claim the full extent of loss that you have suffered. Insurance firms have several riders that you need to figure out before your claim can be approved. Here’s what you need to look out for: 

Toyota collaborates with Aioi Nissay Dowa to create telematics car insurance company in US – Automotive Business Review

Toyota Motor (TMC), Toyota Financial Services (TFS) and Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance (AD) have established a joint venture telematics car insurance services company, Toyota Insurance Management Solutions (TIMS) USA.

The new company will be located near Toyota Financial Services US headquarters in Southern California and it will support the development of telematics car insurance services for Toyota customers.

TIMS will focus on the development of insurance offerings and schemes based on ‘pay how you drive’ insurance offerings, which encourage safe driving.

In order to provide such insurance schemes, TIMS will need to perform in-depth big data analysis and conduct relevant marketing and promotional activities for the new services to reach customers. 

Insurance worker crashed car while having no insurance herself (From Swindon Advertiser)

AN insurance professional who hit three cars while driving her car without insurance when she was dashing home with medication has been fined.

Natalie Hyner pleaded guilty to driving her BMW 1 series without due care and attention, without insurance and without a valid MOT certificate following the incident in the early hours of December 21 last year. She also pleaded guilty to a further charge of failing to report the matter to the police when she came before magistrates sitting in Swindon on Tuesday afternoon.

The court heard that 29-year-old Hyner had previously been involved in a minor bump in her car which led to her own car insurance rocketing to £7,000 a year. Faced with these costs she made the decision to declare the vehicle SORN and cancelled her insurance. 

Keven Moore: Looking ahead to the likely day when there will be no auto insurance premiums | NKyTribune

They say that the best way to predict the future is to create it.

For many auto owners the best is yet to come and the future is so bright that 25 years from now you just may no longer need to pay auto insurance premiums.

Since Henry Hale Bliss became the first known person killed by motor vehicle crash in the United States in 1899 at the corner of West 74th street and Central Park West in New York City, exactly 3,646,407 people have since lost their lives. From 1900-2014 an additional hundreds of millions were injured, resulting in several quadrillions of dollars being spent on auto claims.

In 2014 alone some $132.9B was paid in auto claims by insurance companies, fueling our need to continue to acquire an insurance policy of our vehicles. 

San Jose fraud ring charged with faking car accidents – San Jose Mercury News

Even for crummy drivers, 20 car crashes in four years is a lot. But no one noticed that the same people were involved in the car accidents and had collected more than $140,000 in insurance until an anonymous tipster called the Silicon Valley Auto Insurance Fraud task force.

Now, the owner of a San Jose body shop, his common-law wife and seven others have been charged with felony fraud for reporting fictional accidents and staging crashes, using a variety of names and addresses. The 20 “crashes” from 2011 to 2015 involved such luxury models as Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar and Maserati. 

Spring clean your finances to come up smelling like roses

Ah, spring — a time for growth, renewal and cleaning. While you’re cleaning out your dust bunnies, start thinking about getting your financial house in order, too.

Paying attention to a few simple tasks can save you time, and even better, money.

“Now is the perfect time to look at the interest rates you’re paying on current loans to see if you can refinance to a lower rate,” said Tim Meiselwitz, Volo Member Experience Manager of Consumers Credit Union, based in Lake County with service centers in Lake County and Northwest Cook County. “Mortgage rates are at an all-time low, however, so are auto loan rates. Next to a mortgage or rent payment, car loan payments are usually our largest monthly expense. Most consumers aren’t aware how easy it is to refinance your car loan. We refinance car loans all the time and save members anywhere from $50 to $100 a month.” 

Big price bump at pump – Kelowna News –

 If you haven’t checked out the price at the pump today, you’re going to be in for a shock.

Gas prices jumped on average more than eight cents in the last 24 hours, frustrating local drivers.

Gas prices across West Kelowna and Kelowna are currently sitting at 108.9 this afternoon, one cent cheaper at 107.9 in Lake Country and markedly cheaper in Vernon where gas is sitting at 101.9. Penticton is even cheaper at 99.9.

While prices are up notably from just a day ago, they are holding with prices from this time last year when it was also 108.9, according to GasBuddy.

Just two months ago, gas prices in Kelowna were sitting at 86.9. 

Churchill calls for the return of lollipoppers to UK roads in latest brand activation campaign | The Drum

 Car insurance company Churchill has revealed its latest brand activation campaign to help bring lollipop men and women back to the streets of Britain, partnering with Channel 4 and Peep Show’s Robert Webb, Bauer Media, Mumsnet and PTA UK to maximise its reach.

The campaign launches with a partnership with Channel 4 in a TV ad featuring Webb. The spot, created by WCRS, introduces The Churchill Lollipopper Fund, which will recruit and fund at least 50 new lollipoppers.

Since 2000, the number of lollipop men and women in the UK has significantly fallen due to legislation stating that lollipoppers were no longer a legal requirement for schools. 


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