Car Insurance Roundup, April 20, 2016

Bulgaria Busts Crime Group Making Fake Car Insurance, Technical Test Certificates – – Sofia News Agency

Bulgarian police have dismantled an organized criminal group dealing in fake documents for technical tests and third-party liability insurance of automobiles, the Ministry of the Interior announced on Tuesday. 

Turo peer-to-peer car rentals expand Canada’s sharing economy – Business – CBC News

Canadians can now rent their personal vehicle to others through a U.S. company that has just launched in this country.

“We’re actually the first company to bring the benefits of peer-to-peer car rental to Canada.” says Cedric Mathieu, director at Turo Canada.

“It’s an entirely new way for you to start making money out of your car.” 

This app sorts insurance for you on your mate’s car for an hour |

Even more annoying is when there is a motor you can use short-term, but you’re not insured on it.

But a new app claims to help to sort out temporary car insurance for you.Cuvva queries the DVLA database on your behalf to give you on-demand car insurance for periods as short as one hour. 

The Advantages of Using Online Car Insurance Quotes to Find The Best Prices! |

Auto insurance quotes provide the essential details about a policy. Quotes are a great tool for comparing and reviewing multiple plans at the same time. It is always a good idea to review as many insurance options as possible before making a decision. Auto insurance is a long term investment and signing the wrong contract can cause a lot of problems. 

A brief respite for motorists | Coffee House

Ah, the put-upon motorist. Fees to park outside your own house, potholes littering the streets, road tax, MOTs, and the biggest liability of all: insurance.

Last year insurance premiums soared by 14 per cent. That’s an £81 increase in just 12 months, bringing the average annual comprehensive car insurance policy to £671, according to Analysis by the price comparison site found that every single region in the UK saw double-digit annual price increases in their car insurance costs over the past year. 

Insurance Concerns For Uber and Lyft Drivers

Being an Uber, Lyft or any other ridesharing service driver has increased in popularity due to its potential to provide decent main and secondary income. What many of these drivers may not realize, however, is their car insurance may need an update. Rideshare companies have grown fast, and laws and insurance companies have struggled to keep pace. Uber and Lyft have been around for a few years, butcar insurance policies in many parts of the country have not adjusted to accommodate this new form of commercial driving; leading to instances of financial trouble for drivers. 

Totaled Your Car? Israeli Insurers May Force You to Keep It – Business – Haaretz

The country’s insurance companies and the Israel Garage Association are campaigning to raise the bar for labeling a vehicle that has been in an accident as a “total loss.”
Blame the rising cost of parts, as well as the fact that even cars that are safe to drive can be defined as a total loss.

The insurance companies themselves were responsible for lowering the bar over the years, as part of their efforts to lure clients from each other. If, several years ago, the damage to the vehicle had to constitute 60% of book value before the insurance company would write it off as a total loss, that figure can now go as low as 50%. 

Four fintech start-ups to watch

Eleven start-ups took to the stage at a venue inside London’s O2 arena on Monday to pitch their companies in front of investors and enthusiasts.

Hosted by Barclays and Techstars, one of the world’s largest start-up accelerators, the event aimed to identify the next big companies, all with a financial technology or “fintech” focus.

London has become one of the hottest hubs for fintech not only in Europe but the world. 

How these doctors bypass insurance companies – The Boston Globe

For nine years, Dr. Jeffrey Gold was the quintessentially overworked family physician: too many patients, too much paperwork, too little time to really provide care.

It was the kind of pace that leads to burnout for many doctors. 

Saga cheers investors with double boost to dividend —

Saga, the over-50s insurer and travel group, has announced a double boost to its dividend, pushing up both last year’s payout and its promises for the future.

The move comes as income investors increasingly look to insurers for reliable dividends in the face of disappointment from other sectors such as mining and oil and gas. Last month Aviva pushed up its annual payout by 15 per cent.

Saga increased its full-year dividend from 4.1p to 7.2p. It also said that in future it would pay out 50 to 70 per cent of its profits as dividends, up from a previous range of 40 to 60 per cent. 

All Black helps AIG target bright young things –

One of the world’s largest insurance companies AIG has launched a new fellowship programme targeted at Ireland’s so called millennials.

Successful applicants will earn €6,000 over a two-month period working at the company.

AIG is offering four separate fellowships in areas including front end technology development, social, partnerships, and data.

The term millennial generally refers to those born after 1980 and up to the year 2000, though the AIG scheme is likely to appeal to those at the younger end of the range who are not yet established in work. 

Hit by a car: Riding the long road to recovery – Free Content

Avid bicyclist Johanna Hall rode her bike to work at the Salida school district administration building Wednesday, about 3 months after becoming the victim of a hit-and-run crash. 

Under ANZ’s Reign of Shayne, less is more for the Smart banking exec |

Maseratis may be the wheels of choice for high-flying NAB execs – as evidenced by the bank’s wealth boss Andrew Hagger‘s recent purchase of a Gran Turismo (revealed in yesterday’s column). But it’s an altogether leaner, greener and far less flashy mode of transport favoured by his counterparts toiling under ANZ chief executive Shayne Elliott


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