Health Insurance Roundup, April 22, 2016

Allay Helps Smaller Companies Provide Health Insurance

Unless your ears are welded shut, you know that healthcare is a pressing issue in the US. Whether it’s the political discourse pertaining to a single-payer system or the desire for a repeal of Obamacare, the need for citizens to have affordable access to healthcare is something that has to be talked about. But while politicians and social media trolls duke it out over the future of healthcare, one company is trying to make access to health insurance easy for people in the present. 

IC issues rules on health insurance, pre-need | Inquirer Business

The Insurance Commission has released the rules guiding the sale of cheaper health insurance and pre-need products to better protect consumers.

In separate circulars, the Insurance Commission listed down what must be the key features of Micro Pre-Need products as well as what came out with the regulations covering health microinsurance or MicroHealth products. 

For Sick Immigrants, Additional Barriers to Health Insurance

Mr. Santo’s belly was growing. It had been for months, as his liver hardened and fluid seeped into the void between his bowels and his abdominal wall. A spider web of plump veins stretched across the thinned skin of his former waistline, further evidence of the fluid distortions that plagued his small frame. 

Studies Reveal A Critical Need To Educate Texans On The Basics Of Health Insurance

As the United States celebrates the sixth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there’s no debate that more Texans now have health insurance than before the ACA went into effect. In fact, the uninsured rate has dropped by more than 20 percent in the state. 

Health insurance claim rejections: Things to be done –

All industries face certain mandatory questions and for health insurance one of the biggest poser from the customers is, “would I get the money at the time of claim submission?” This question in fact is the most prevalent concern encountered by both insurers and customers in this industry, which so far has managed to touch only about 5 % of the population.

Retiree contributions to health insurance should go up — carefully and humanely | Opinion |

To some, it seems unfair — even inhumane — to charge older, retired workers more for something they positively, absolutely must have: health insurance. To others, it seems unfair to charge taxpayers for a benefit when by law it can be changed by a simple vote of the Board of Selectmen. Ordinarily when talking about issues like this, union contracts and state law complicate matters. In this case, however, Selectmen can take a vote that will either cost Andover’s retirees more for health insurance or save taxpayers a bundle. Or they could do nothing, which would go against the recommendations of the town’s OPEB Advisory Committee recommendations issued on March 31. 


This month last year an important personal finance decision had to be made by tens of thousands of adults over age 34 who were not already owners of private health insurance: “Do I bother to take out a policy, even one of the low value, low cost, hospital cover only ones or do I take my chances as an entirely public patient?” 

Come to Black Diamond Community Center to have health insurance questions answered – Covington-Maple Valley Reporter

Today, and every third Tuesday of the month, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. a volunteer from Statewide Health Insurance Benefit Advisors comes to the Black Diamond Community Center.

The volunteer answers any questions and helps guide people through the various health insurance plans available.

Appointments are available during the three hour time frame. If you would like to set up an appointment, call the Community Center at 360-886-1011

Twum Boafo Defends Health Insurance For All

Speaking on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana, he explained that the National Democratic Congress holds an ideology that is people centered and recognizes that everybody and especially the vulnerable members of society are given equal access to potable water, housing and quality health care. 


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