Health Insurance Roundup, April 26, 2016

North Carolina’s Obamacare Exchange: And Then There Were Two – Forbes

The irony of Obamacare is that its health insurance exchanges are suffering from a problem that was supposed to be avoided – what health economists calladverse selection. When health insurance plans must cover people with preexisting conditions and they are not allowed to charge premiums that reflect the risk of those conditions, then people have every incentive to wait until they are sick to enroll in an insurance plan. This forces insurers to deal with a greater number of expensive policyholders compared to healthy members in their risk pools. 

Medicaid Expansion Is Obama’s Unsung Success Story | Care2 Causes

So much of the Obamacare debate has focused on the by now well known health insurance exchanges, and the insurance that can be purchased there. These exchanges are, in many ways, the defining feature of the law and the focal point of many of the law’s controversial provisions. 

Surprise, surprise: Insurers losing money on Obamacare

Health insurance companies all around the nation are waking up to the realization that the Affordable Care Act is not so affordable for them.

Having lost money on their Obamacare plans, several insurers are talking of raising their premiums next year while others are thinking of dropping out of the Obamacare exchanges altogether.

But premium hikes will not solve the problem because the entire Obamacare system is fundamentally flawed, according to the past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. For starters, the law has perverted the meaning of health insurance. 

80 % of Indian population not covered under any health insurance – Times of India

People in villages mainly depend on `household income or savings’ (68%) and `borrowings’ (25%) to fund hospitalization expenses, reflecting the failure of the agencies in expanding the reach of government health facilities and insurance cover in rural areas. 

Information on Health Insurance and Assistance at the…

The Westchester Department of Health is sponsoring sessions at the Mount Vernon Public Library to help people find affordable health insurance for themselves and their families.

Healthcare navigators, people who are trained in helping consumers look for health coverage options through the online marketplace, will be present. The sessions are held in the Trustee’s Room at the Mount Vernon Public Library on Mondays from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., by appointment only. 

Alibaba Health sets up JV with China Taiping Insurance –

The offshoots of e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba Group Holding Ltd are setting up a joint venture with a major insurance company in China, tapping into the huge potential of the country’s internet health insurance sector.

Alibaba Health Information Technology Ltd said in an after-trade filing to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Thursday that it has entered into an agreement with six other parties to establish a joint venture, which is to engage in internet health insurance related operations in China. 

The Post

Everyone has a right to accessible and affordable health care. However, most people  are let down by poorly funded health systems and the high fees charged by private  health insurers. Last year, President Edgar Lungu, gave policy direction on social health insurance  and we await the tabling of the social health insurance bill in Parliament.  While we have heard policymakers talking about this landmark policy direction, the discussion is very unfamiliar to many Zambians who are actually the beneficiaries and key stakeholders in this discourse. It is therefore important that everyone understands the benefits and how they can actively engage with this new approach to health care financing which was included in the 2016 budget by the Minister of Finance. 

Ask Ken: Think about long term care insurance

Question: My husband and I are close to retirement and we both have parents in assisted living. I can’t believe the costs. What do you think about long term care insurance? 

Where Bernie Sanders’ Health Care Crusade Might Go From Here

Bernie Sanders can make a real difference in the causes he’s championed, even if he doesn’t become president.

That’s particularly true for one of his signature issues: health care. No matter what happens with the Democratic presidential nomination, the Vermont senator can keep pushing to to fill in the holes of Obamacare, while creating the building blocks for the single-payer system he has advocated for his entire political career. 

County health options – Harlan Daily Enterprise –

The Harlan Fiscal Court has decided to look for options regarding health insurance for city employees.

Harlan County Judge-Executive Dan Mosley advised the court the current provider quoted an increased rate for renewal.

Mosley asked County Treasurer Ryan Creech to go over some specifics concerning renewal. 

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