Car Insurance Roundup, May 2, 2016

You Can Get Cheap Car Insurance By Comparing Online Quotes! |

Getting auto insurance at low prices is no longer a challenge. Clients can start comparing auto insurance quotes straight away and they will receive a list of offers that are all affordable and advantageous.  Quotes are now available for free at The website has important connections with brokers in every state and can help car owners review available options in just a few minutes. 

1 800 lose insurance coverage — NationNews Barbados — Local, Regional and International News

Their medical insurance carrier, the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited (ICBL), has dropped the workers who are members of the NUPW Insurance Agent Inc. (NUPWIA)-managed plan and unless they can find another carrier in a hurry, would be forced to foot the cost of any medical care they require. 

Tidal: can Prince and Beyonce save the underdog of streaming services? | Music | The Guardian

hen Beyoncé’s Lemonade appeared online last weekend, many fans were furious that it was only available through one streaming service. They weren’t going to sign up to a £9.99-a-month plan just for aBeyoncé album, they decided, and off they went in search of illegal downloads. When Drake’s new album appeared as an exclusive on a different streaming service five days later, it happened again. 

Tyrone motorist banned after erratic driving on M1 motorway – Tyrone Times

Appearing before East Tyrone Magistrate’s Court to be sentenced on Wednesday past was Grigorius Sviridovas, 40, from Clonabay. 

Young Driver Challenge 2016 is back in Hampshire (From Daily Echo)

YOUNGSTERS as young as ten from across Hampshire will be getting behind the wheel for a competition. The Young Driver Challenge 2016 is back and looking for the safest and most responsible teenage and child drivers. And the best could come away with prizes worth up to £500. 

Poverty has become more concentrated under Obama – World Socialist Web Site

Under the Obama administration, more Americans have found themselves consigned to economic ghettos, living in neighborhoods where more than 40 percent subsist below the poverty level. Millions more now live in “high poverty” districts of 20-40 percent poverty, according to recently released report by the Brookings Institution. 

Careless acts help thieves – Bayside NewsBayside News

“IT was a stupid thing to do”, admittedly, but easily done: the ramifications, though, are irritating, far-reaching – and costly. 



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