Car Insurance Roundup, May 6, 2016

Car insurance horror: Millennials click only if you dare | Protecting Your Pocket

It’s a horror story — at least to Millennials and others who may be more likely to rent the place where they live.  They may be shocked to learn their car insurer may be charging them an average of 10 percent or $279 more a year in Florida just because they don’t own their own home, a consumer group’s survey shows. Different rates, same driving record. 

Car insurance fraud is worst offence –

We are more respectable of bureaucracy? Respectful? than some may have realised, it turns out. According to research from Aviva, falsifying injuries on a motor insurance claim is worse than buying stolen goods. The study found that 87 per cent said it was unacceptable to make a false whiplash claim, compared to 79 per cent who disagree about buying stolen goods. 

Car insurance not a great business for many companies

If it seems to you that no one is happy with car insurance premiums, you’re right. But don’t leave out the insurers themselves — they’re not having such a great time either, according to a recent report from Fitch Ratings

Warren Buffett: Self-Driving Car Will Adversely Affect Car Insurance

A point to be noted with regard to auto insurance is that prominent businessmen including two billionaires are of the opinion that self driving car will prove disastrous for the industry. Even if the auto insurance industry manages to survive, it will not be in its current form. 

Could autonomous cars destroy the auto insurance industry?

Autonomous car adoption worldwide is going to have a major knock-on effect on most industries that rely on humans driving cars. One industry that may see a severe downturn in revenue is the auto insurance industry, according to Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett. The billionaire investor said to CNBC “anything that makes cars safer is very pro-social, and bad for the auto insurance industry.” 

Hastings motor insurer posts strong growth | Business | The Guardian

The Motor insurer Hastings, run by the former Northern Rock boss Gary Hoffman, has posted strong growth in premiums and customer numbers at the start of this year. 

Get the Best Auto Insurance Quotes By Following Eight Simple Tips! |

Agencies offer multiple discounts for various things. A client can get cheaper rates for driving less or for being a very good driver. Some people can save more than 20% on their premiums by simply qualifying for certain discounts. For example, driving less than 9,000 miles per year will reduce coverage expenses by more than 10%. There are also several discounts specially designed for teenagers, senior citizens, veterans and other categories. 

Far out Friday: Introducing some of the world’s insurance billionaires

In the face of volatile stock markets, plummeting oil prices and a stronger dollar that has led to a drop in billionaire fortunes for the first time since 2009, it’s time to spare a thought for the world’s beleaguered billionaires. 

Should you buy Smith & Nephew plc, eSure plc and RSA Insurance Group plc following today’s updates? – AOL Money UK

Limb-and-joint builder Smith & Nephew(LSE: SN) was recently dealing 3% lower in Thursday business after the firm’s latest update disappointed the market. 

Here’s Why Self-Driving Cars Won’t Rule The Roads Any Time Soon – Forbes

Development of the long-awaited self-driving car is accelerating like a turbocharged V8 these days, with announcements from automakers and suppliers coming at a furious pace. Earlier in the week Fiat Chrysler Automobiles worked out a deal with Google to supply the company with 100 Chrysler Pacificas that would serve as the basis for a fleet of self-driving minivans, and now General Motors says it will begin testing number of specially modified Chevrolet Bolt electric cars for use as autonomous cabs in conjunction with the ride sharing company Lyft. 

Buses blocked by car abandoned in St Albans city centre for two months – News – Herts Advertiser

Parked 24/7 in St Peter’s Street opposite Waterstones since March, 4 the nondescript blue Ford Mondeo has apparently annoyed market stallholders and kept buses from parking in the lay-by. 


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