Health Insurance Roundup, May 6, 2016

Fading Fast: Fewer Seniors Have Retiree Health Insurance | The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Employer- and union-sponsored retiree health benefits have served as an important source of supplemental coverage for people on Medicare.  Retiree health plans help fill the gaps in Medicare’s benefit design, often cover some or all of Medicare’s cost-sharing requirements and deductibles, and include a cap on out-of-pocket spending – a benefit that is required to be provided by all Medicare Advantage plans, but not covered under traditional Medicare, and of great value to retirees needing costly medical care.  For retirees, employer-sponsored supplemental coverage limits the costs they would otherwise incur for their medical care. 

How to get value for money from your health insurance |

If you need urgent medical attention, the public health system is on hand to patch you up. But if your complaint is less urgent and you want to skip the queue for elective surgery, health insurance can cover the cost of private treatment.  

Humana weighs exit from health-insurance marketplaces in some states

Humana Inc. may become the latest health-insurance company to exit Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges in some states next year as it seeks to curb financial losses. 

Readers Sound Off on Medical Training, Health Insurance and Public Corruption – WSJ

In “The Squeeze for Clinical Clerkships” (April 27), Edward Halperin, chancellor of New York Medical College, accused international medical schools of being “immoral” for compensating teaching hospitals in New York for their part in providing clinical clerkships for medical students. 

How the Health Insurance Industry Is Restricting Your Access to New Drugs | US News Opinion

The Affordable Care Act recently passed its sixth birthday, and while voting for it contributed to my 2010 loss, I could not be prouder to see it increase access to care and patient choice while lowering overall costs. 

Health ministry finalises health insurance bill, sends it to parliament for ratification – Daily News Egypt

The Health Ministry has completed drafting the new health insurance bill and will send it to parliament for ratification, said Minister of Health Ahmed Emad during his speech at the Arab African Pharmacist Conference on Thursday. 

New York state to help boxing community get health insurance – Houston Chronicle

New York state is reaching out to uninsured members of New York’s boxing community in an effort to get them health care. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that the state’s official health plan and the New York State Athletic Commission will be working together to give uninsured boxers access to health coverage and the proper medical treatment they need. 

Private health insurance in Australia: Why it might be time to switch

If you’ve just paid the first month’s health insurance bill and it’s dawned on you that your costs have gone up way too much — or you’re not using all the services you pay for — it’s never too late to shop around. “A lot of people think they’ve missed the boat if they didn’t get around to reviewing their policy before April 1 but that’s definitely not the case,” says Laura Crowden, spokeswoman for comparison service iSelect. 

Nigeria: ‘Why Nigerians Should Subscribe to Health Insurance Now’ –

Against the backdrop of recent disclosure by the Federal Government’s plan to establish about ten thousand primary healthcare centres spread across the 774 local government areas in the country, a healthcare expert has lauded the move as a step in the right direction. 

Health Insurers Struggle to Offset New Costs – WSJ

Insurers have begun to propose big premium increases for coverage next year under the 2010 health law, as some struggle to make money in a market where their costs have soared. 

Moulton health insurance rates won’t increase – The Moulton Advertiser : Local News

The Moulton City Council approved an employee health insurance plan at its meeting on Monday, May 2 that will both save the city money and not cause employees’ rates to rise in the next year. 


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