Car Insurance Roundup, May 10, 2016

As car insurance costs drop, benefits being cut: Mayers | Toronto Star

Car insurance premiums have come down in Ontario this year, but less welcome is that you’re going to have less coverage in a standard policy if you get into an accident. It’s the tradeoff of the Ontario Liberal’s have made as part of their unfulfilled promise to push auto insurance rates down. Yes, rates are slowly coming down, but to pay for it, insurers are being allowed to reduce the amount they pay you for accident benefits. 

Car insurance quotes soar – how you can still get cheap cover – Mirror Online

Drivers are paying more for their car insurance than last year – quite a lot more in fact, with the average quote rising £50 to £478 according to figures fromMoneySuperMarket  

Car insurance companies becoming insolvent |

Customers of Affirmative Insurance or Affirmative Casualty Insurance must get automobile insurance with a new company before Thursday to avoid a cancellation penalty, the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles said. 

You May Need New Car Insurance By The End of the Week

If your car is insured by Affirmative Insurance, you will need to find new coverage by Wednesday at midnight. the Illinois Department of Insurance ordered Affirmative into liquidation in March. Currently, roughly 11 thousand people have policies through Affirmative in Louisiana. If you don’t make the switch by Thursday, you could face fines and penalties from the OMV for cancelled insurance. 

Couple caught scamming insurance company by swapping car number plates | South Wales Evening Post

The scam came to light in August last year when Jacques got a parking ticket in the St Mary’s car park in Swansea city centre after exceeding the waiting limit. She challenged the ticket saying the signs in the car park were not clear, then claimed the Corsa in the council photograph wasn’t hers and the number plates must have been cloned. 

Car Insurance Terms You Must Know | CarTrade Blog

Most vehicle owners & users are aware that it is mandatory to have a valid car insurance in India. Yet many simply sign away the cheque at the time of purchase or renewal without the slightest trace of a second thought over what exactly it is that the coverage involves. In most instances, they get away with their ignorance as few owners truly need their insurance safety net. But Murphy is known to strike when least expected and there’s nothing better than being prepared for the unexpected. 

When Does a Little White Lie Become Insurance Fraud? – Quoted

In the U.S., drivers are legally required to carry auto insurance. (Even in New Hampshire, the only state where drivers can technically forgo auto insurance, they’ll have to prove they can pay damages). It’s a big expense, and you just might think you can save a buck by telling a lie to your insurance company or two. We get it, if you tell your insurer you keep your car in your parents’ (or in-laws’, or sister’s) small-quiet-crime-free town when really you keep it in the big-busy-crime-ridden city, the price difference can be 40, 50, even 60 percent. It’s just a fib, right? Not necessarily. Lying in the present to save money leads to future expenses and trouble that far outweighs any financial savings. 

Why car insurer Hastings is dirt cheap | Interactive Investor

Hastings (HSTG) got its IPO away at a difficult time for the stockmarket. But, seven months on, the insurance company has staged an impressive recovery since finance stocks got hammered in February. In fact, last week’s first-quarter results were so good it now offers the highest earnings growth in the sector, but on the cheapest multiple. 

Usage-Based Insurance Expected to Grow to 142 Million Subscribers Globally by 2023, IHS Says | Business Wire

In 2015, close to 12 million consumers globally subscribed to this type of insurance, according to a new report from IHS Automotive, part of IHS, Inc. (NYSE: IHS) and a leading source of critical information and insight to the global automotive industry. The number of consumer subscribers to UBI is expected to grow to 142 million globally by 2023, according to the IHS report. 

Safeco Insurance Review 2016

Over more than nine decades, Safeco Insurance has sold personal auto, homeowners and specialty insurance products. Safeco’s parent company, Liberty Mutual Group, is an insurance giant — the seventh-largest auto insurance seller, according to A.M. Best. 

Car Collectors: Proper Insurance on The Prized Vehicle – Inside INdiana Business

If you own a classic or antique automobile, are you properly insured? Your answer, or more importantly your insurance company’s answer, could be the difference between repairing your prized ride following an accident or staring at a new source of vintage parts. 


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