Health Insurance Roundup, May 12, 2016

Intel Offers Health Insurance, Severance Pay to Laid Off Workers – Fortune

Intel is cutting 11% of its workforce but giving many U.S. workers severance and health benefits beyond what the typical laid off employee receives. 

Missouri will soon be able to review, evaluate health insurance premiums | Business |

Missouri may soon have the authority to review the prices of some health insurance plans before they’re sold to consumers in the state. 

California may raise health insurance rates amid Obamacare concerns | PBS NewsHour

California’s health insurance exchange estimates that its Obamacare premiums may rise 8 percent on average next year, which would end two consecutive years of more modest 4 percent increases. 

Health insurance premiums increasing for Alabama teachers – FOX10 News | WALA

Teachers and other employees covered by a state health insurance plan in Alabama could soon be seeing less in their paychecks. That’s because their health insurance premiums are going up. The increases were voted in last month by what’s called the PEEHIP board, which stands for Public Education Employees Health Insurance Plan. 

Gloucester schools will ask county to help fund health insurance cost increase – Daily Press

School officials will seek additional funding from the county to help cover a sharp increase in the cost of health insurance. 

Big health insurance mergers rack up $400 million in legal and banking services – Modern Healthcare Modern Healthcare business news, research, data and events

While regulators and consumers debate the merits of the large pending health insurance mergers, attorneys and financiers are seeing their incomes grow. 

Press Release: ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Program Partners with PetPace to Raise Pet Health Awareness Among Pet Parents – Washington News Wire

Two pet health companies have joined forces to provide increased options and education to customers for the purpose of improving the health and wellbeing of America’s pet population. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program announced a strategic partnership with PetPace™, creators of a revolutionary health monitoring smart collar, which will provide preventive care, education and discounts to customers. 

Sounds Like A Good Idea? Selling Insurance Across State Lines | Kaiser Health News

But there’s a reason some problems are “long-standing.” They may have no easy solution. Or the solution is not politically feasible. Or there’s a solution that sounds good on the campaign trail but is not likely to actually work. 

Blair officer injured in line of duty loses health insurance after retirement | Local News |

A Blair police officer injured in the line of duty is spearheading an effort to protect other officers and public servants after he lost his health insurance when he was medically retired by the city. 

WINN FM – Tentative Date For Launch Of National Health Insurance Plan

Minister of Health Eugene Hamilton has set an ambitious end of year launch date for the government’s proposed National Health Insurance Plan. 


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