Health Insurance Roundup, May 17, 2016

Colorado to study why health insurance prices vary by region – The Denver Post

Colorado legislators approved a bill to study whether the entire state should be treated as a single geographic district for health insurance policy purposes. Gov. John Hickenlooper is expected to sign it Tuesday. 

DHA backs health insurance incentives for people who live healthily | The National

Incentives offered by insurers for people to live a healthy life and bring down the cost of health cover have been backed by Dubai Health Authority. 

Canadian Health Insurance Co. Says Yes to Covering Cannabis Costs

If the presidential election here in the United States is getting you a bit down, perhaps you’ve thought about high-tailing it to Canada. 

Health insurance firms seek double-digit rate hikes; 2 insurers drop out | KOMO

Health insurance companies that sell individual policies in Washington state want to increase their rates by an average of 13.5 percent in 2017, the state insurance commissioner’s office said Monday. 

Women favour health insurance plans offering preventive check-ups: Survey – The Economic Times

Preventive health check-ups, reimbursement of maternity expenses and coverage for lifestyle diseases figure among the offerings women look for in health insurance products. 

You can now pay health insurance premium in instalments

You no more need to cut down sum insured if it is tough to pay the entire premium in one go.  This is becasue you can now pay health insurance premium on monthly basis. You just need to choose the right option- half yearly, quarterly or monthly- to start with your health insurance policy. 

Commercial health insurance company implements first exoskeleton policy of its kind

ReWalk Robotics Ltd. recently announced a commercial health insurance plan has implemented a medical policy that states powered exoskeletons are considered medically necessary for patients with lower limb disabilities who meet certain patient-specific criteria. 

Health insurance only real answer for those in need – Kearney Hub: Opinions

On May 5, the Hub ran an editorial, “Health centers could serve state’s low earners,” about trying to tackle the substantial and ongoing problem of a large portion of Nebraska’s population being unable to afford health care. The number of uninsured reported by the Hub — 77,000 people — has grown this year to 97,000 uninsured Nebraskans. 

One Way to Help Improve Your Employees’ Health Insurance? Ensure It’s Actually Accessible – Philadelphia Magazine

Nowadays, health care plans can come equipped with a variety of perks, upgrades and features. But regardless of which type of health plan you offer your employees— whether it’s PPO, HMO or POS — none of them reach their full potential unless the plan information is conveniently accessible to the employees. That’s why UnitedHealthcare developed the Health4Me® app, which is designed to simplify and streamline access to health care resources in a secure and convenient way. 

Health insurance options disappearing for rural Americans

Americans living in many rural areas in the U.S. will have just one health plan option next year if they buy insurance from the exchanges established under the Affordable Care Act, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal

One Way To Help People Stay Out Of Jail? Sign Them Up For Health Insurance. | ThinkProgress

For the thousands of incarcerated Americans, prison may be the first place they’ve ever received comprehensive health care. But what happens after their sentence is up? 

Retiree health insurance is disappearing | BenefitsPro

According to the study, in 1988, 66 percent of large employers (those with 200+ employees) provided health coverage to their retirees. But in 2015, that percentage had shrunk to just 23 percent. 


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