Car Insurance Roundup, May 18, 2016

Airfares, car insurance and public transport are getting more expensive – MarketWatch

In the 12 months to April, the cost of travel by bus, train, subway and ferry rose at a 4.3% pace, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Just a year earlier, these costs were falling at a 3% rate. 

Making car insurance unskippable | One Show 2016

Joe Alexander, chief creative officer, and Wade Alger, SVP group creative director, of The Martin Agency explain how they’ve been disrupting and reinventing the insurance industry. 

What should you do if your car insurance rate goes up? | The Telegraph

Last month I talked about how a company determines what you should pay for auto insurance. Since that article, the second largest insurer of private passenger autos in the state of Georgia announced it is raising rates an average of 25 percent and up to 50 percent for some customers. 

Compare New Car Insurance Quotes for Teenagers and Get Great Rates in May! |

Teenagers can be considered high-risk drivers by many agencies if they apply for coverage. Teenagers lack the necessary driving experience and they usually display reckless behavior at the wheel. Many statistics show that fatal car crashes are a main cause of death among young drivers. Agencies will use the data to increase premiums to cover any potential financial losses. 

Florida no-fault insurance: Study on killing it due Sept. 2 |

State officials are cranking up a $125,000 study due Sept. 2 on the possibility of junking Florida’s no-fault car insurance system after four decades. 

Public auto insurance needed | Toronto Star

The current auto insurance system in this province socializes cost and privatizes profits. Come June, the auto insurers slash benefits by 25 to 50 per cent and in return, we get 3 per cent cut in premiums. What a deal for the auto insurers! 

Will Robo-Ubers Kill Car Ownership? – Scientific American

No question about it: self-driving cars are big news. Already a long list of car models—from Honda, Volvo, GM, Ford, Audi, Mercedes, Tesla, and others—automate some aspects of driving. They offer smart cruise control that goes all the way down to 0 mph, meaning they can drive automatically in stop-and-go traffic, braking and accelerating without ever risking a collision. They can change lanes for you—or stay in the lane for you. They can self-parallel park or head-in park. About the only driving they can’t yet do themselves is make turns. 

Are car alarms a complete waste of time? | Money | The Guardian

They have become the electronic dawn chorus in our towns and cities, but is it time to kill the car alarm? This week, it was claimed that security devices “don’t deter criminals” and are “a public nuisance” – statements backed up by studies from the 1990s that show that, between 95%-99% of the time, they are false alarms

Google (GOOG) is launching a ridesharing service to compete with Uber, Lyft, and Via — Quartz

There’s a new heavy hitter in ride-hailing. Google-owned Waze on Monday unveiled a carpooling service for commuters in California’s Bay Area. The pilot program is limited to about 25,000 employees of companies including Walmart and Adobe Systems, the Wall Street Journal reported. Waze will match riders with drivers already heading along similar routes during the morning and evening rush hours. 

Insurers now offer value-added services, assistance | Business Standard News

companies are now not just offering plain vanilla insurance products but have gone beyond to offer facilities like concierge services, doctors for second opinion, gift delivery and day-to-day repair assistance for home. Further, communities are also being build to share information about products. 


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