Health Insurance Roundup, May 25, 2016

Adding Spouses to Health Insurance

Greek authorities began evacuating stranded migrants and refugees from a makeshift refugee camp in northern Greece early Tuesday, where thousands have been living since the route into Northern Europe was closed to migrants. 

The American Dream of Health Insurance Coverage

Like virtually all Americans, I come from a family of immigrants. Family lore has it that my paternal grandfather was born on a ship coming over from Europe and opened his eyes just in time to see Ellis Island and the Statute of Liberty beckoning.  

GOP health insurance reform plan centers on tax credits | Washington Examiner

Two Republican lawmakers introduced a healthcare reform proposal on Monday that would eliminate a key Obamacare health insurance mandate, and give people tax credits when they buy a plan. 

Thousands of small businesses to see double digit health insurance increases – Boston Business Journal

Federal health insurance reform is leading to higher insurance rates, according to the Division of Insurance, with thousands of small businesses seeing double-digit increases again in the third quarter. 

Do you have enough health insurance for Retirement?

Try and recall, for a minute, the very first job you had. Yes, that job where you were a twenty-something nobody, eager to impress, all for that slimy little paycheque of meagre proportions. And the minute the monthly salary would be transferred to your account?  

Adewole Tasks Oyo Govt On Health Insurance Scheme | Nigerian News from Leadership News

Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole has implored Oyo State government to accelerate the full operationalisation of the state heath insurance scheme. 

‘Health service providers to turn down medical aid’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe

THE Zimbabwe Medical Association (ZiMA) has said with effect from July 1, 2016, private doctors, hospitals and other health providers will stop accepting medical aid, as they seek to get paid $220 million that they are owed by various health insurance firms. 

Escaping the Medicaid gap – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Health

There may be a gaping health insurance coverage gap in Virginia, but at least it’s escapable. 

Deepen discussions on drug costs to protect medical insurance finances – The Japan News

With the advance of medicine, new drugs that are quite effective but extremely expensive have arrived on the market one after another. How can the benefits of medical advances reach people who need them, while keeping down the swelling costs of medical care? This is a new challenge. 

Obamacare alternative, not repeal, is latest Republican health care reform proposal – The Business Journals

The latest Republican attempt to address Obamacare wouldn’t repeal the Affordable Care Act, but instead establish a new health insurance system to compete against it. 

Doubts mount over merger of health insurers Anthem, Cigna | Reuters

Wall Street expressed growing doubts about a pending $54 billion merger of U.S. health insurers Anthem Inc (ANTM.N) and Cigna Corp (CI.N) on Monday as news of management squabbles added to concerns over its review by antitrust regulators. 


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