Car Insurance Roundup, June 1, 2016

Car insurance rates to increase in Mississippi | FOX13

The Mississippi Insurance Department expects more than a 20-percent hike in insurance coverage due to Mississippi being a higher risk state. 

Your Car Insurance Covers THAT?!?! |

You may look under the hood and not know what you’re looking at, but if you found a wire that looked like it had been gnawed on, you’d probably guess there is a mouse to blame. 

Owe a fine for lapsed car insurance? This new law might help |

A Baton Rouge lawmaker’s bid to create payment plans for people struggling to pay unpaid fines from lapsed car insurance coverage is headed to the governor’s desk. 

Changes to Ontario auto insurance coming June 1 – Kitchener-Waterloo – CBC News

In an effort to comply with a provincial promise to make auto insurance premiums more affordable, auto insurance coverage will change on June 1, but along with lower-cost premiums will be cuts in coverage, warn industry experts. 

Clark County communities offer more affordable car insurance – News – Gurdon Times – Gurdon, AR – Arkadelphia, AR

Several Arkansas communities, including three in Clark County, were recently researched in a study on car insurance affordability. 

Quick Response To Get Car Insurance With Very Low Deposit Quickly | PR Carbon

Finding companies that offer cheap car insurance young driver’s low deposit could be extremely difficult but the task is certainly not impossible. You only must know where to locate insurers and the right place to begin your search is the internet.

Credit Scores Can Impact Auto Insurance Renewals

Trying to figure out how auto insurance companies set your rate can be a real head-scratcher. You’re unlikely to crack the formula, but you can be sure that your credit history is part of the equation, unless you live in one of the few states where insurers can’t use it to calculate how much you’ll pay. 

A New Article Presents the Cheapest Cars to Insure in 2016 |

Some vehicles cost less to insure than others. This Is due to market value differences and safety rating that is provided by the Institute of Highway Safety. Agencies will always look at a car’s model and year of fabrication to determine costs. The market or blue book value are also important. 

Is driving style the next biometric? – Naked Security

Tell the truth. Who was driving your car when it ran that red light and got flagged by that automated camera? Was it you – or was it your teenage son, who’s not on that car’s insurance policy yet? 


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