Car Insurance Roundup, June 14, 2016

Everything You Need to Know About Rental Car Insurance –

Rental car insurance–to get it or not to get it? Those are the questions you ask yourself as you stare at the clerk in the rental car place. How much is it? Is it worth paying for something that is unlikely to happen?

The cost of motor insurance

Sir, – Terry Dignan’s car insurance has risen from €470 to €886 in just four years (June 11th). Let me advise Mr Dignan that this is not despite his being 13 years with the same insurer, but because of it. 

How to save money on car insurance – NY Daily News

When you’re writing checks to pay your premium, car insurance can seem like an unnecessary expense, but there are many reasons why it’s a worthwhile investment. 

A specialist car insurance company launches the first UK driverless car policy | Cars | Life & Style | Daily Express

Adrian Flux has developed the new policy over a number of months in an attempt to not only support the UK’s bid to be at the forefront of the new technology, but also to encourage debate and discussion around the issue of liability and autonomous technology. 

Woman seeks fairness in third party insurance |

A Nelson woman is pushing for compulsory third party cover of all Kiwi drivers after dealing with insurance headaches caused by a minor car accident. 

Travel insurance: everything you need to know in 16 steps

The first thing many people ask is should they bother with travel insurance at all, particularly if they have private health insurance or are travelling within the EU where they can take advantage of public health systems should they need to. And these public health systems are frequently better than our own. 

Brexit: Suzanne Evans on women’s equality in the EU | Express Comment | Comment | Daily Express

Take the ludicrous “Tampon Tax”. The EU, in its infinite stupidity, says sanitary products are “luxury” items and makes us pay VAT on them. Equally crazy was its decision to ban car insurance companies from giving discounts to women – so the cost of our premiums rocketed. 

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