Car Insurance Roundup, June 17, 2016

Alle Sleman and Nazih Abbas plead guilty to car crash insurance scam | The Mercury

TWO Hobart men who used rented removalist vans to ram their own parked cars to claim on inflated insurance policies have pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the Supreme Court. 

Schensul: Credit cards and rental car insurance – Travel –

Rental cars may not be the biggest expense of your vacation, but they can wind up being a pretty good sinkhole of money — often for add-ons you didn’t need to pay for in the first place. 

The Thin Line Between Personal and Commercial Auto Insurance

If you don’t operate a fleet of business vehicles — or run a business at all — you may never have given commercial auto insurance a thought. But it’s possible you may need a commercial policy even if you don’t fall into these categories, particularly if you use your own vehicle for work purposes other than commuting. 

Here’s the average cost of auto insurance in Alabama |

If you live in Alabama, there’s a good chance you pay just a bit more than the national average. 

Ohio’s teen driver insurance rates rank 5th-highest in nation |

Ohio ranks as the fifth-most expensive state when it comes to adding auto insurance for teenagers, according to a recent study done by Quadrant Information Services, an insurance analytics service. 

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