Health Insurance Roundup, June 17, 2016

Health insurance: can anyone be trusted?

It may not be that hard to pick a health insurance stock — after all, there are only two: NIB and ­Medibank Private. But try picking a health insurer — that’s a whole different exercise. 

Permanent residents can get health insurance in U.S. – NY Daily News

Q. How can my parents get health insurance? They are over 75 and recently came to live in the United States as permanent residents. 

Governor Jerry Brown signs bill allowing immigrants to purchase health insurance

On June 10, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law allowing undocumented immigrants to buy health insurance through the state’s exchange, which facilitates the purchase of qualified health plans under the U.S. Affordable Care Act. 

Oregon health insurance rates to jump again in 2017 |

After a brutal two years in which they lost a collective $253.3 million, Oregon’s health insurers are again seeking double-digit price hikes in 2017. 

Health insurance industry faces lots of new costs – Capitol Confidential

Health insurance providers in New York last month put in their requests to the state Department of Financial Services for next year’s rates but since that time they have been handed several new mandates, or added responsibilities for added coverage. 

Most expensive states for health cover | The New Daily

If you move interstate and have private health insurance you might find you are hit with higher health cover premiums – and the differences can be dramatic. 


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