Life Insurance Roundup, June 17, 2016

Max Life, Max Fin Services to merge into HDFC Standard Life Insurance | The Indian Express

In a separate filing, Max Financial Services said the agreement provides for a mutually agreed exclusivity period for due diligence and discussions between the parties in relation to the proposed transaction. 

Life insurance business in India has gone thorugh uneven growth: Sanjiv Bajaj, Bajaj Finserv – The Economic Times

ET Now: Did you envisage the kind of growth rates that have happened for the industry that you are in and for your company?

What Do You Really Know About Term Life Insurance Costs?

Life can be expensive, and many of us are forced to decide between wants and needs — or, when money is tight, between needs and needs. Term life insurance is one of those expenses that many view as optional, even though a new study shows that Americans greatly overestimate the cost of this coverage. 

Life insurance is ‘a selfless act for the ones you love’, Supplements, Phnom Penh Post

The life insurance industry is still in its infancy in Cambodia. Arriving in Phnom Penh four years ago at the helm of Canadian-based life insurance giant Manulife, Briton Robert Elliott has watched the industry grow from nothing into a large and vibrant market, with Manulife as a key player. 


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