Car Insurance Roundup, June 21, 2016

3 Things That Can Get You Dropped From Car Insurance |

We’ve explored some of the most common reasons car insurance policies are canceled: things like failing to pay the premium, fraud, making unapproved modifications that change the value and functionality of your car, having your license suspended or revoked, and major moving violations (especially DUIs or DWIs).

Gas prices staying low, but car insurance rates are going higher |

Low gas prices mean more drivers, and more drivers mean more accidents. 

Go Green and Save ‘Green’ on Car Insurance | Benzinga

recently analyzed The Green Car Journal’s list of 2016 vehicles leaving the smallest environmental tread-mark on the world – electric, hydrogen, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, Partial Zero Emissions Vehicles (PZEV) and ultra-low emissions vehicles – that consumers can purchase today. 

Virtual Car Insurer Helps Texas Residents Reduce Costs

Just because everything is bigger in Texas doesn’t mean that car insurance costs have to be bigger also. Residents of the state now have a way to make sure their insurance bills aren’t as big as the state’s attractions or reputation. 

Maryland insurance regulators look to crack down on auto insurance fraud – Baltimore Sun

Maryland’s top insurance regulator is trying out an old-fashioned approach to cracking down on insurance fraud: publicly shaming offenders. 

Insurance Rates During a Rough Economy

The slumping energy sector has hit Casper hard and some business are seeing the result in their bank accounts. 

Someday We’ll Feel Silly for Being Scared of Driverless Cars -NerdWallet

Driverless cars aren’t yet available to the masses, but that day isn’t far off. Sounds exciting? Maybe not yet. 

Still many challenges for OK transportation | News OK

THANKS to dedicated financial commitment in recent years, Oklahoma’s roads and bridges are in better shape than any time in decades, if not in living memory. 

Pete the Planner: $503 avg. car payment too rich for most of us

Tell me your income and how much of that income gets spent on car payments, and I can fill in the blanks. America’s obsession with cars is as old as it is severe. 

Garages fear ‘ambulance-chasing’ claim firms are hacking computers to get drivers’ details – Mirror Online

Cold-calling claim firms are hacking into the computer systems of garages to target drivers whose cars have been repaired, it is feared. 

Commentary: Paris wise to spare classic cars from citywide ban | Classic Car News

As vintage-car enthusiasts whose favorite old-school rides lack the basic safety and emissions-control features mandated for modern cars, we always harbor the concern that our classics could be legislated off the road. The fear is that the day will come when we no longer could drive our old cars legally. 

Restoration Record to Get a Cheaper Auto Insurance Offer « Money and Innovation

If you are likely to remove a brand new car insurance policy, change supplier, or restore a current policy, do not do other things before you have examined through this listing of should-do actions. 


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