Health Insurance Roundup, June 23, 2016

House Republicans Unveil Health-Insurance Proposal – WSJ

House Republicans Wednesday laid out their vision for repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, positioning themselves across several political fault lines in the process. 

GOP health insurance plan would make workers pay tax on benefits

After six years of threats to repeal the Affordable Care Act, House Republicans released the broad outlines of what they would replace it with Wednesday and even business groups are uneasy. 

Private Health Insurance Ombudsman turning aggrieved customers back to Medibank

Medibank members who sought help from the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman about shock hospital bills after an alleged secret policy change say they were left to “fight it out” alone. 

Kenya : Knut tells government to re-visit health insurance for teachers – Standard Digital News

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) has urged the government to comprehensively insure all teachers in health instead of trying to push for unrealistic terms and conditions through the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

DOJ busts $900 million health insurance fraud – CBS News

A $900 million theft of taxpayer money was revealed Wednesday by the Justice Department, which charged 300 people with defrauding Medicare and other government health care programs, including those for veterans. 

Fed Outreach Will Target Young People Without Health Insurance | Bloomberg BNA

Millions of people who paid fines for being uninsured under the ACA will be the target of outreach efforts this fall to help them enroll in health plans. 

Wounded deputy gets $1,500 to help with health insurance | Nebraska News |

A Deuel County sheriff’s deputy who lost his family health insurance after he was shot four times while serving arrest warrants will get $1,500 from the county. 

The Unconscionable Difficulty of Getting Health Insurance for a Newborn – The Atlantic

Before I gave birth, I made three calls: one to Oscar, my health-insurance company; one to the New York state exchange through which I receive my insurance, thanks to the Affordable Care Act; and one to Child Health Plus, New York’s “health insurance program for kids,” through which my toddler daughter receives her coverage and with which I wanted to enroll my son. 

Nigeria’s Kwara state health insurance programme wins FT/IFC award —

Nigeria’s Kwara state, in partnership with the Dutch charity PharmAccess, has won anaward backed by the Financial Times and the International Finance Corporation. The award, in the category of maternal and infant health, was won for its health insurance programme to improve access to primary healthcare in rural regions. 

How to make a health insurance claim – The Economic Times

Policyholders can make health insurance claims either through cashless or reimbursement mode. Some hospitals do not offer cashless hospitalisation facility. In this case, the policyholder has to pay all dues to the hospital and then submit a claim to the insurer. 

Medibank Private may have contravened the health insurance code of conduct |

Medibank Private may have contravened the $21 billion industry’s own code of conduct by allegedly keeping customers in the dark over changes to their private health insurance coverage. 

Nurses strike after Allina tries to downgrade their health insurance plan | City Pages

Some 4,800 nurses working at Allina Health’s four hospitals walked off the job early Sunday morning, handing off their patients to 1,400 temps hired to carry on in their stead. 


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