Life Insurance Roundup, June 23, 2016

Can a life-insurance policy offer investors a higher interest rate? – MarketWatch

For years, interest rates have been sitting stubbornly in the basement. From time to time, they have risen modestly, only to eventually decline again, and today they are at the lowest level in more than three years. 

Most life insurance underwriters expect more pandemics | LifeHealthPro

Nearly three-fourths (70 percent) of life insurance underwriters expect the number and severity ofepidemics and pandemics to increase over the next 5 to 10 years, according to new research. 

NH’s whole-life insurance attracting subscribers

Many people believe that whole-life insurance is paid out only when the policy holder dies. The belief is due to the fact that whole-life insurance pays death benefits but insurers have recently introduced whole-life insurance policies that pay other benefits as well. 

Exide Life Insurance signs on Dhoni as brand ambassador – The New Indian Express

BENGALURU Exide Life Insurance today announced Mahendra Singh Dhoni as its brand ambassador. Dhoni, who represents the aspirations of millions, has a strong mass appeal and followership compared to any other sporting icon in India. 

Treasurer Pushes Life Insurance Bill – Story | MyStateLine

Currently, Michael Frerichs says not all insurance companies pay death benefits when they know that someone has passed.  He claims the companies say they’re not obligated to take steps to determine if someone has died or if money is owed. 

Boston Mutual Life Insurance recognizes employees – News – Canton Journal – Canton, MA

Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company, a national provider of insurance solutions for individuals and at the workplace, recently recognized 11 employees at the company’s quarterly Service Recognition Celebration.  

Does it make sense to go for single premium life insurance plans? | The Financial Express

While in a single premium, you are eligible for one-time tax benefit because of the nature of the premium, however, in a regular premium policy, you can avail tax benefits every year till the time of the maturity of the policy. 

Why One Should Buy Life Insurance In Their Twenties -Naval Goel – BW Businessworld

Insurance companies prefer younger and fitter subscribers to their life insurance policies. This implies that their subscribers have a lower risk of dying and therefore, payment before lapse of the term is also less probable. 

District Court deems life insurance money a statutory trust – Newsletters – International Law Office

In Yip Wai Fan (Minor) v Yip Tsz Bun the Hong Kong District Court addressed the issue of whether money to be paid out to a beneficiary under a life insurance policy is considered to be held on trust by the administrators of the deceased’s estate. 

SBI Life launches HNI focused plan | Business Standard News

Private life insurer SBI Life Insurance on Monday announced the launch of a high net-worth individual (HNI)-focused life insurance plan called ‘SBI Life-Smart Privilege’. 


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