Health Insurance Roundup, July 4, 2016

Employers’ Declaration of Independence From Traditional Health Insurance – Forbes

Employer frustration over the devastating collateral damage from aseverely under-performing healthcare system is boiling over. 

50 states 50 standards It’s time to standardize health insurance laws | The Gazette

I  have been working on the administrative side of the health care community for almost three decades — serving physical, speech and occupational therapists all across the U.S. 

Single disease insurance catches on but is it for everyone? – The Economic Times

MUMBAI: Single-disease cover is catching on in the health insurance domain and is designed for specific ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.

Graduate student health subsidies in question – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Local News For Richmond And Central Virginia

Graduate students have long relied on health insurance subsidies awarded as part of financial-aid packages as they try to earn a living and a degree. 

Domestic/News/News/KBS World Radio

South Koreans paid a monthly average of 100-thousand won in health insurance premiums and benefited a monthly average of 170-thousand won last year. 

Matt Pommer: Paul Ryan prescribes new GOP cure for nation’s health care system | GazetteXtra

House Speaker Paul Ryan has issued a Republican prescription for America’s health finances just in time for GOP election campaigns. 

3 Ways Bad Health Habits Can Cut Into Your Bottom Line

Not living as healthy a life as possible can lead to more than just physical challenges. The fiscal results can add more problems to your life—but some are avoidable. Here are three bad-for-your-health habits and how they can affect your financial health and that of your business. 

Taj Mahal workers continue strike over health care, pensions | Business |

A strike against Atlantic City’s Trump Taj Mahal casino entered its second day Saturday with both sides appearing confident they could outwait the other and prevail in the bitter dispute that has seen 1,000 union members walk off the job and has raised fresh questions about the future of the struggling gambling resort. 

Insurance firms to tailor only for online sales that are cheaper as there are no intermediaries – The Economic Times

MUMBAI: Online is growing as an alternate channel for health, motor and travel insurance products. It has in fact become the primary channel for pure protection products due to the cost benefits. Most companies have plans designed only for online sales and these are cheaper as there are no intermediaries. Also, the online customer is perceived as being low risk and well informed.


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