Car Insurance Roundup, July 5, 2016

How much do credit scores impact NJ car insurance premiums?

Every state but New Hampshire requires auto insurance, and most insurance companies take applicants’ credit scores into consideration when determining their premiums. In New Jersey, a recent study reveals how your credit score has a bigger impact on how much you pay than in other states. 

What really determines your car insurance rate?

Shopping for car insurance can be an arduous task. Between sifting through quotes and picking the right coverage, car owners are often left more confused than when they started. 

One in eight cars on the roads in east London do not have insurance | London – ITV News

Expert analysis revealed East London has the highest number of uninsured vehicles in the UK as a percentage of all vehicles in the area. 

UAE Insurer to Offer Taxi Fare Refund – UAE, Car Insurance – Masala! – Bollywood Gossip News, Indian Celebrities and Pictures

According to a report in Gulf News, road users in the UAE can now get some extra compensation if they encounter trouble while driving or their car breaks down in the middle of the road. 

EU Commission set to review the issue of insurance companies not rewarding good driving histories | Donegal Now

Motorists across the EU are not reaping the benefits of maintaining good driving practice – at least not when it comes to paying for car insurance. 

North Providence: Man charged after teen hit by car at fireworks display – News – – Providence, RI

A 14-year-old girl Sunday was hit by a car Sunday night outside North Providence High School where police say students had congregated to watch a fireworks display. 

East London has biggest ratio of uninsured cars | The Actuary, the official magazine of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

East London has the highest proportion of uninsured cars in the UK, with 13.4% of vehicles without cover, as revealed by Churchill Car Insurance

10 tips to save you thousands of dollars each year | Motley Fool Australia

Australian consumers and households pay out thousands of dollars in unnecessary bank fees, higher bills and by simply being too lazy to change the status quo. 

Allianz is now insuring ridesharing drivers |

Recognising the rapid advancement of the sharing economy, Allianz has expanded its driver policy suite to include cover for ridesharing. 

Find Better Car Insurance Quotes for Your Car – Top Offers on a Single Website! – Yahoo Finance presents a list of tips for finding lwo cost auto insurance prices. Clients can see what offers are available in their areas by comparing online free car insurance quotes

Motor cover: Technology will drive down cost of car insurance – The Economic Times

MUMBAI: Although the regulator raised third-party cover rates this year, the increasing deployment of technology will help drive down motor insurance premiums.  

Car off road? Insurance will pay your taxi fare – Khaleej Times

Insurance service provider RSA on Sunday announced enhancements on its motor insurance policy, such as the first-ever taxi fare cover for car insurance customers. 

Churchill says 13% of East London cars are uninsured | Money | The Guardian

One in eight cars on the roads in east London do not have insurance, according to analysis which names the capital as the worst place in Britain for uninsured drivers. 


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