Health Insurance Roundup, July 11, 2016

Michigan’s Health Insurance Claims Assessment Act is Upheld Once Again – Lexology

Michigan’s tax on paid health care claims is not preempted by ERISA, according to a decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

Government to formalise use of health insurance cards at public facilities – News –

Tufton told Parliament last week that when user fees were abolished in 2008 the Government retained the requirement to collect private health insurance at facilities, but some hospitals discontinued doing so, which resulted in a greater loss of income. 

5 Health Insurance Tips for Overseas Travelers | MONEY

No one wants to think about mid-vacation health scares. But emergencies happen, and your regular insurance may not cover your care overseas. To avoid any expensive surprises, lay the groundwork before you board a plane. 

The ACA notwithstanding, employer spending on health insurance per employee is dropping | Employee Benefit News

Employers appear to be adapting to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and, despite the new mandates, are spending less on health insurance per employee than they have in the past, according to new research. 

NJ’s Investigators Stay Ahead of Multi-Million Dollar Health Insurance Scams – NJ Spotlight

Armed with high-tech analytical software, a vast knowledge of healthcare billing codes, and a patience for continuous data-sifting, health insurance investigators in New Jersey continue to ferret out fraudulent scams that cost the public hundreds of millions of dollars each year. 

Ultrasounds in private clinics to be covered by Quebec health insurance | Montreal Gazette

Beginning later this year, Quebecers who require ultrasounds will no longer have to pay for them out of pocket even if the tests are done in a private clinic, Quebec Health Minister Gaétan Barrette announced Wednesday. 

Health insurance for government staff renewed – The Hindu

The State government has enhanced the coverage under the health insurance scheme for government employees and extended the scheme to cover treatment for cancer and organ transplant surgeries. 

Mandatory health insurance in Latvia might cost 25-70 euros a month for patients

If mandatory health insurance were introduced in Latvia on the account of patients, introducing additional payments, every resident would have to pay 25-70 euros monthly, said Latvian Health Minister Anda Caksa in an interview with the Latvian public radio on Wednesday. 

Buying life and health insurance combined offers? Are they worth your money | The Financial Express

Insurance combi-plans that offer life insurance and health cover under one roof has been in news recently with IndiaFirst Life Insurance tying up with Star Health Insurance to introduce a suite of five plans that provide the dual cover. 

New health insurance for security agents – Peru this Week

Health insurance is important to have in any workplace; however, some groups of people are only recently setting themselves up for these important benefits. 

Do you know this about waiting period in health insurance –

Bought a health insurance policy lately or planning to buy one? It is recommended to read the fine print carefully before entering into an insurance contract. We all get excited to see the benefits offered in a proposition, but tends to overlook the nitty gritty’s of the same.

The government may be about to squash more than $91 billion of health insurance mergers – Yahoo Finance

(Felue Chang, who is newly insured under an insurance plan through the Affordable Care Act, receives a checkup from Dr. Peria Del Pino-White at the South Broward Community Health Services clinic on April 15, 2014, in Hollywood, Florida. 

OPED: Speak out in favor of affordable health insurance

My name is Carla Christopher and I live in the heart of York City, where I spend most of my days taking calls from people who need help finding healthcare they can afford. 

Health insurance must cover family planning services – NGO | citifmonline

Global Media Foundation, a human rights advocacy NGO, is pushing for the inclusion of family planning among the range of services covered by National Insurance Health Scheme (NHIS). 

Former NFL Player Accused In Car Insurance Fraud Ring « CBS Sacramento

Authorities say a former NFL wide receiver was busted on suspicion of staging car crashes to collect insurance money. 

Free Car Insurance Quotes Are Now Available Online! – Yahoo Finance

Free car insurance quotes are now available on a single web page. Drivers can visit and compare top offers in their areas. The website has a simple and efficient process for getting quotes. There are only two steps that have to be completed to get a list of offers: 

4 Add-on Car Insurance Coverages that are Just Not Worth it

Are you in the market for car insurance? Even with websites that help with the car insurance quotes comparison process, it can still be quite confusing especially when you don’t know what to look for.  

Your Car Just Got Stolen, Do You Know What to Do? –

Car theft is one of the most common crimes in America. One happens every 44 seconds. Do you know what to do in the event of your car being stolen? Probably not. Who do you report it to? How do you replace it? There are several questions you should have the answers for in the event your car gets stolen. 

Black Americans Pay Over $1,300 More for Auto Insurance, Reports – Yahoo Finance

NEW YORK, July 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —, a car insurance quote provider based in Manhattan, has just released a thought-provoking report that takes a close and honest look at how much Black Americans pay for auto insurance. 

Teen driver at home? Here’s how to keep insurance costs down | MNN – Mother Nature Network

My younger child is 16, and my friends keep asking if he’ll get his driver’s license soon. I laugh and say, “We can’t afford to insure him.”  

Calgary car dealership spends $500,000 to take shelter from storms |

It’s a cringeworthy sound: the pings of hail penetrating the bodies of vehicles. It’s unavoidable damage for most car dealerships–until now. 

What the deadly Tesla self-driving car crash means for insurers

The death of a man who perished while operating a self-driving car teaches would-be insurers of the new technology that they still have plenty to learn about the risks attendant with autonomous vehicles, industry figures say. 

How Property Taxes and Insurance Can Affect Your Monthly Mortgage Payment – ZING Blog by Quicken Loans | ZING Blog by Quicken Loans

There are many reasons why your monthly payment can change. Your monthly payment includes your mortgage payment, consisting of principal and interest, as well as property taxes and homeowners insurance. Your mortgage payment is likely to stay the same, but your monthly payments can vary. Here, we look at what influences taxes and insurance and explain how these factors can change your monthly payment. 

Canadian drivers: I’m nice, it’s the others who aren’t

Canadians generally are seen as polite. In reality that might not always be the case when they’re behind the wheel of a car. Still, a new survey by insurance broker shows that Canadians think they’re personally polite when driving, but others aren’t. 

Dish Taps Chase Marketing Exec Jay Roth as CMO

Dish Network has hired Jay Roth, formerly JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s senior VP of marketing for consumer banking, as chief marketing officer. 

Why Your Health Insurance Data Should Be Liberated – Forbes

In a world where you can access nearly all human knowledge from a device in your pocket, it’s absurd that you still can’t find out how much having a baby will cost you. But it’s not surprising. 

Appeals Court Strikes Administration’s Rule Barring Alternative Type Of Health Insurance | Kaiser Health News

The decision applies to a provision that kept insurers from offering insurance that pays a fixed dollar amount, such as $500 a day for hospital care. 

Morning Briefing: Health insurance co-ops hit financial rocks

Two more non-profit healthinsurance businesses are facing closure, leaving thousands of policyholders to find new insurers for 2017. 

New Law Allows Missouri To Review Health Insurance Rates | KCUR

If the department finds them to be unreasonable because they’re excessive, inadequate or unfairly discriminatory, the law authorizes it to disclose that to the public, which can then comment on the proposed rates. 

The ACA’s Health Insurance Marketplace Begins Reaching Out To Employers | Fisher Phillips – JDSupra

Last week, employers began receiving notices from the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace / Exchange regarding employees who applied for Exchange coverage and were determined eligible for a tax subsidy to defray part of the cost. 

DOJ Sees Continued Opposition to Health Insurance Mergers

Last month, a number of senators came forward with some significant reservations about the health insurance mergers taking place between Anthem and Cigna as well as Aetna and Humana. According to a news release

Obamacare’s Tobacco Surcharges Slowed Universal Health Care in Study – Bloomberg

The Affordable Care Act was meant to have a particular impact on smokers when it was enacted: It would shift the burden of high health-care costs from smoking ailments to the smokers themselves—17 percent of American adults in 2014. 

Illinois tries to save health insurer from financial failure – Story | WFLD

The state of Illinois has tried an unusual maneuver to save a health insurer with 49,000 Illinois policyholders from possible financial failure by blocking it from paying a $31.8 million bill to the federal government. 

Health Insurance Challenges For Young Adults : Shots – Health News : NPR

The Obama administration is making a push to get young adults covered on the health insurance marketplaces, both for their own good and that of the marketplaces. The insurance exchanges need healthy people to balance sicker ones in the risk pool. 

40,000 Connecticut residents will need new health insurance in 2017 | FOX 61

Thousands of residents will need new health insurance starting in 2017 after HealthyCT deemed financially unstable. 

Paterson changes health insurance consultants after 2015 budget debacle – News –

In an attempt to control spending on employee medical coverage, the city is changing its insurance consulting company as it prepares to shift into the state health benefits plan. 

How to make claims on multiple health insurance policies –

The steep rise in the cost of medical treatments has triggered the need for multiple health insurance policies. People are in dire need for a higher sum assured hence they go out for having more than one insurance policy that secures them against any unforeseen medical circumstances.

Court Strikes Down Obama Health Care Rule on Insurance Standards – The New York Times

A federal appeals court has ruled that consumers must be allowed to buy certain types of health insurance that do not meet the stringent standards of the Affordable Care Act, deciding that the administration had gone beyond the terms of federal law. 

Unhealthy concern: Health insurance a big issue | Agweek

It’s been said that weather and prices are the biggest concerns of farmers and ranchers. Maybe so. But I increasingly suspect their top collective worry — the thing that most often keeps them awake at night and drives important, life-altering decisions — is health insurance. 

Five-year wait ends for Florida immigrant children to be eligible for health insurance

The phone calls for appointments and inquiries are coming in now that a five-year wait has ended for immigrant children in Florida to be eligible for state health insurance. 

Global Health Insurance Market 2016 Industry Share, Review, Sales, Trends, Growth & Analysis – Press Release – Digital Journal

The Global Health Insurance Industry Report 2016 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Health Insurance industry. 

BWU health insurance for members — NationNews Barbados — Local, Regional and International News

By September, the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) said, it intended to offer health coverage to its 25 000 members, with general secretary Toni Moore saying the union was concerned about lack of protection for many workers. 

Tax not the big driver for health insurance

The fight to form government in Australia continues but one message from both major parties that cut through was “buyer beware” on health insurance, with fewer policies taken out to avoid tax. 

Being a savvy Idaho health care consumer: A how-to guide | Idaho Statesman


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