Car Insurance Roundup, July 12, 2016

Car insurance premiums up 19pc, with older drivers hit hardest

ar insurance premiums have risen on average by £115 over the past 12 months as insurance companies push to become profitable, new data has revealed.  

Use Free Car Insurance Quotes to Find Affordable and Advantageous Policies! – Yahoo Finance

Drivers who need coverage for their vehicles should start comparing quotes. This will help them see which provider has the best options. Shopping around for auto insurance is always a good idea as it helps car owners save time and money and reduce their premiums. 

Make Car Insurance Cheaper By Using A Few Easy Tricks! – Yahoo Finance

Making auto insurance affordable does not have to be a challenge. There are many tips drivers can use to reduce their coverage expenses. Auto insurance premiums are determined based on each applicant’s insurability risk, so the key to making coverage affordable is reducing the insurability risk. A new blog post explains how drivers do that. 

Car insurance premiums in the U.K. up 19% year-over-year, new study finds

Motorists in the United Kingdom are facing the biggest annual price hikes in car insurance premiums in five years, with prices rising by £115 over the last 12 months, according to the latest Car Insurance Price Index, powered by Willis Towers Watson

Brexit could bring cheaper car insurance for women | The Week UK

Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union could herald the end of rules on gender-neutral pricing, which prevents insurance firms from offering better deals to women drivers. 

Car insurance quotes: Five questions that could save you a FORTUNE when ringing around – Irish Mirror Online

Simply posing the right questions can save you a pretty penny when it comes to renewing your car insurance. 

UK gov’t looks to reform highway code & car insurance with nationwide driverless car consultation – Computer Business Review

The British government has launched a nine week nationwide consultation on driverless cars to prepare the country’s roads for the next generation of automobiles. 

Car Insurance More Expensive For the Poor in Chicago, Study Shows – Chicago IL Patch

Chicago, IL – A recent study by financial website Value Penguin shows the less income someone has, the more they are paying in car insurance in Chicago. 

Car insurance price rises ‘step up a gear’ | Motoring Research

Car insurance prices are on the up in the UK with the cost of the average premium rising a hefty 19 per cent in the past 12 months. 

Free Expert Assistance To Instantly Find Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes Free! Apply Now! | PR Carbon

Everyone wants to secure car insurance policy with low premium amount. Besides, getting appropriate coverage that suits one’s particular needs is an essential thing. Is it possible to qualify for the same so easily? 

No-fault insurance in the state of Michigan

If you live in Michigan, you’re probably paying a lot for car insurance. Part of the reason why is the state’s unique car insurance policies, including no-fault insurance. Michigan is one of only 12 states with no-fault car insurance, but many drivers aren’t quite sure what it is. 

Buying insurance may soon be as easy as a swipe on a smartphone – Chicago Tribune

Smartphone apps already allow consumers to summon cars and order food with a few swipes of a finger. Could insurance on demand be next? 

Why College Students Should Leave the Car at Home – NerdWallet

The microwave, mini-fridge and “Star Wars” poster may be no-brainers, but there’s one item that should give parents pause as they guide their high school grad out of the nest: the car. 

How to Choose Auto Insurance | hitched

ou’ve had your eye on it for a while. That cherry red, supercharged V8 speed demon at the local car lot that seems to whisper your name each time you pass by.  

Why Your Auto Insurance Rates Are Going Up « CBS Boston

Vacations and road trips, that’s what summer is all about, but all those extra miles are going to cost us. 

Savings cuts, energy deals, retirement income and motor insurance | Coffee House

The first half of 2016 was a total wipe-out for savers, an analyst has said. Research from shows that, since the start of the year, savers have witnessed a vast number of rate cuts, which have caused rates to plummet to new lows. 

Car Insurance is Mandatory – How to Buy The Enough Vehicle Coverage! – Yahoo Finance

Having auto insurance is mandatory in most states, but not all of them. Some states, like Alabama, Iowa, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and others, have ‘financial responsibility’ laws asking drivers to deposit a certain amount of money which can be used to cover liability damages.  

Insuring teens drives car insurance rates up | Navarre Press

Raising a teenager is an expensive responsibility for parents all over the United States.  The cost of braces, a car, school activities and even college tuition can break the most modest of budgets.  

Norwich man pleads guilty for staging car crashes throughout Eastern Connecticut – News – The Bulletin – Norwich, CT

A Norwich man pleaded guilty Thursday to federal charges stemming from his involvement in an insurance fraud scheme. 

Insurance After a Dui North Carolina Gives You the Right to Drive Again – Press Release – Digital Journal

Car owners facing a charge for driving under influence might have a hard time paying for their car insurance. This is because after this, the car owner will have to pay a higher premium. At NC DUI Insurance, we suggest car owners to shift to a dui insurance. 

Insurance conmen target Scottish homes | Scotland | The Times & The Sunday Times

Hundreds of homes in Scotland have been used for a car insurance scam known as “ghost brokering”. 

WATCH: How to make sure your insurance claims are not rejected | Financial Services | BDlive

Insurance, whether for your vehicle, property, possessions or your business — should give you peace of mind, knowing you are protected against loss or damage. 

Elephant Auto Insurance announces generous parental leave policy – Yahoo Finance

Elephant Auto Insurance, the Richmond-based insurance specialist, today announced significant changes to its parental leave policy, including three months fully paid maternity leave for all expectant mothers and two weeks paid paternity leave. 

Loyalty360 – Insurance Companies Need to Break Out of Sea of Sameness to Earn Customer Loyalty

Many insurance providers are clinging to archaic business practices, making it difficult to differentiate themselves and cultivate customer loyalty. 

10 Easiest Cities to Live Without a Car – Insider Monkey

Wondering about the easiest cities to live without a car?Great, you have come to the right page then, as we were also wondering about that and decided to conduct a little research to determine the best cities in the US for pedestrians. 

News Talk 610 CKTB :: Ontario modernizing auto insurance system to protect ride-sharing consumers :: News – Article

Ontario is modernizing the auto insurance system to allow for coverage of ride-sharing services in order to better protect drivers and consumers. 

Peralta and Hyndman call for dashcams same day as fatal hit-and-run • TimesLedger

In the aftermath of a fatal hit-and-run collision in Corona last week, state Sen. Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst) expressed his condolences to the family of the victim and hopes for the three people injured in the accident. 


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