Car Insurance Roundup, July 13, 2016

The 6 secrets of cheap car insurance quotes – Irish Mirror Online

How to use car insurance firms’ own tricks against them to lower your car insurance premium and get a cheaper quote – 6 secrets revealed 

Black drivers pay hundreds of dollars more for mandatory car insurance than whites: report

Black Americans pay higher auto insurance rates than white drivers, according to a report by

Alberta NDP to review car insurance; public model not on the table | Metro News

Don’t fret — the Alberta NDP has no plans to make car insurance a government-run business, according to the Ministry of Finance. 

Renewing your car insurance? here’s how to get the best deal – The Financial Express

Car insurance: While the premium rates quoted by each company would be based on your profile and history and the company’s internal risk assessment, there are ways with which you can ensure that you get a good deal at the time of renewal. 

Cheap Car Insurance With No Upfront Deposit By Consulting An Expert Online Today | PR Carbon

If you are searching for companies that offer car insurance with no upfront deposit then the right place to get kick started with your task is the internet. 

Investigators Reveal Motorist Torched Maserati in Insurance Fraud Attempt

The perpetrator, a resident of Minsk, contacted the authorities in January, claiming that he’d been in a traffic accident. According to him, he was attempting to avoid a collision with a bicycle rider and crashed into a ditch, where his luxury car burst into flames. 

No-fault Insurance part two

The average rate in Michigan is $2,700 more than double the national rate and $1,300 according to, but no-fault itself may not affect premiums that much. 

Public meeting hears about motor insurance rip-offs – the fight for a fairer system goes on | Donegal Now

The campaign to get change and accountability in the car insurance sector is set to step up a gear. 

D.C. Council votes to make it easier for cyclists to collect insurance after a crash – The Washington Post

Bicyclists and pedestrians in the District could soon have a greater chance of recouping a share of medical bills and other costs after a crash. 

Deputies free bear that locked itself inside car | FOX31 Denver

Two Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies caught a wild encounter on camera after a bear broke into a car in Genessee. 

Should drivers be given bigger insurance discounts for using dashcams? | Motoring Research

Drivers are demanding greater discounts on their car insurance for fitting devices such as dashcams and parking sensors. 

Car insurance premiums up 19pc, with older drivers hit hardest

ar insurance premiums have risen on average by £115 over the past 12 months as insurance companies push to become profitable, new data has revealed.  

Use Free Car Insurance Quotes to Find Affordable and Advantageous Policies! – Yahoo Finance

Drivers who need coverage for their vehicles should start comparing quotes. This will help them see which provider has the best options. Shopping around for auto insurance is always a good idea as it helps car owners save time and money and reduce their premiums. 

Make Car Insurance Cheaper By Using A Few Easy Tricks! – Yahoo Finance

Making auto insurance affordable does not have to be a challenge. There are many tips drivers can use to reduce their coverage expenses. Auto insurance premiums are determined based on each applicant’s insurability risk, so the key to making coverage affordable is reducing the insurability risk. A new blog post explains how drivers do that. 

Car insurance premiums in the U.K. up 19% year-over-year, new study finds

Motorists in the United Kingdom are facing the biggest annual price hikes in car insurance premiums in five years, with prices rising by £115 over the last 12 months, according to the latest Car Insurance Price Index, powered by Willis Towers Watson

Brexit could bring cheaper car insurance for women | The Week UK

Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union could herald the end of rules on gender-neutral pricing, which prevents insurance firms from offering better deals to women drivers. 


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