Car Insurance Roundup, July 14, 2016

Houston floods may increase car insurance rates |

Have you checked your mail today? There’s a good chance you’ll receive a letter from your auto insurance company alerting you to a change in your premium. 

Compulsory third party car insurance premiums could skyrocket in SA, Family First warns – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Compulsory third party (CTP) car insurance premiums could skyrocket unless the South Australian Government intervenes, Family First MLC Robert Brokenshire has warned. 

Car Insurance Premiums Got A Whole Lot More Expensive This Year

The cost of insuring your car has increased greatly increased in the UK, according to research from a price comparison website. 

Compare Free Car Insurance Quotes and Get Discount Offers On a Single Web Page! now offers new auto insurance quotes for policies issued this summer. Clients can now shop for auto insurance in a simple and efficient way by visiting a single website. 

Revealed: the car insurance companies charging huge admin fees just for renewing | Motoring Research

While it’s always good practice to shop around at insurance renewal time, it’s often very tempting just to let your car insurance automatically renew with the same company. 

Revealed: Five questions you should be asking to help get cheaper car insurance – Coventry Telegraph

Ah, it’s that time of year again for you, is it? Ringing around different insurance providers, trying to get the best deal, is usually a frustrating endeavour. 

Am I covered if someone else is driving my car? | Business |

I get asked this more than almost any other question — am I covered if someone else is driving my car? 

No-fault insurance: Part Three

The state of the car insurance system in Michigan isn’t looking good. Premiums are the highest in the country, and one in five cars on the road is uninsured. 

Almost half of insurance firms charge loyal customers admin fees of up to £50

A report has revealed that existing customers are paying extra for their insurance renewals, while new customers avoid extra charges. 

3 Best Property and Casualty Insurance Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever — The Motley Fool

These three property and casualty insurance stocks have the traits that create market-beating returns. Here’s why Berkshire Hathaway, Markel Insurance, and Safety Insurance Group are worthy of your watchlist of companies to buy and hold forever. 

Proposed law would require insurance discount for motorists using daschcams – The Legislative Gazette

Dashboard cameras are growing in popularity in recent years because of the security they provide for drivers. 

Telematics: The technology set to disrupt Uber and Zipcar | City A.M.

Telematics – the technology for collecting and analysing driver behaviour – has been transforming the face of car insurance for a long time. 

The 6 secrets of cheap car insurance quotes – Irish Mirror Online

How to use car insurance firms’ own tricks against them to lower your car insurance premium and get a cheaper quote – 6 secrets revealed 

Black drivers pay hundreds of dollars more for mandatory car insurance than whites: report

Black Americans pay higher auto insurance rates than white drivers, according to a report by

Alberta NDP to review car insurance; public model not on the table | Metro News

Don’t fret — the Alberta NDP has no plans to make car insurance a government-run business, according to the Ministry of Finance. 

Renewing your car insurance? here’s how to get the best deal – The Financial Express

Car insurance: While the premium rates quoted by each company would be based on your profile and history and the company’s internal risk assessment, there are ways with which you can ensure that you get a good deal at the time of renewal. 

Cheap Car Insurance With No Upfront Deposit By Consulting An Expert Online Today | PR Carbon

If you are searching for companies that offer car insurance with no upfront deposit then the right place to get kick started with your task is the internet. 

Investigators Reveal Motorist Torched Maserati in Insurance Fraud Attempt

The perpetrator, a resident of Minsk, contacted the authorities in January, claiming that he’d been in a traffic accident. According to him, he was attempting to avoid a collision with a bicycle rider and crashed into a ditch, where his luxury car burst into flames. 

No-fault Insurance part two

The average rate in Michigan is $2,700 more than double the national rate and $1,300 according to, but no-fault itself may not affect premiums that much. 

Public meeting hears about motor insurance rip-offs – the fight for a fairer system goes on | Donegal Now

The campaign to get change and accountability in the car insurance sector is set to step up a gear. 

D.C. Council votes to make it easier for cyclists to collect insurance after a crash – The Washington Post

Bicyclists and pedestrians in the District could soon have a greater chance of recouping a share of medical bills and other costs after a crash. 

Deputies free bear that locked itself inside car | FOX31 Denver

Two Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies caught a wild encounter on camera after a bear broke into a car in Genessee. 


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