Health Insurance Roundup, July 18, 2016

Why Land of Lincoln and other health insurance co-ops failed | Business |

Failures among member-run health insurance co-ops are forcing thousands of consumers to find new health insurance coverage, while renewing questions about the viability of a once-promising program created by the Affordable Care Act. 

Blue Cross, Benefis partner for discount health insurance – NBC Montana

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana and Benefis Health Systems have partnered to offer reduced cost health care for large group health insurance plans. 

Health Insurance Scheme to be launched in KP next month

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a Health Insurance Scheme will be launched next month to provide free medical facilities to poor people. 

Local health districts Call for affordable health insurance for gap | Members |

When people come through the doors of their local health department in Idaho, our goal is to help them become healthier citizens. 

Proposal adds twist to health plan opt out rules | Business Insurance

Proposed IRS regulations that could penalize employers offering financial incentives to certain employees to opt out of company-provided health insurance plans also would shield employers from a health reform law affordability penalty in some cases. 

The scary health bills facing Irish women –

Life-saving cancer treatment could cost an Irish woman more than €80,000. 

Protect yourself and also save tax

In today’s current society, where stress has become a part of daily life, sadly, we are more prone to several illnesses and diseases at a much younger age, and this has become a topic for several studies. 

Extra enrollment fairs to aid people losing health coverage

Connecticut’s health insurance exchange is adding more enrollment fairs to help up to 18,000 people who no longer qualify for Medicaid health coverage to enroll in private insurance plans. 

Packing Travel Insurance on Vacation – ABC News

Summer travel season is in full swing. As you ponder where to go and what to pack, you may also be considering travel insurance. 

BCC employees to see 15 percent increase in insurance fees – News – Butler County Times Gazette – El Dorado, KS

The Butler Community College Board of Trustees approved a renewal of its employee health insurance plan Tuesday. 

Villagers react to news of Villages Health kicking out patients | has been deluged with commentary from readers reacting to Sunday’s story “Villages Health kicking out patients who don’t sign up for their insurance.” 

Future of health care is here in Iowa

I visited a health care provider in Fort Dodge last week that is leading the way on providing quality care to people in rural communities. 

Urbana Mayor Wants Changes To Local Healthcare System | WRSP

Mayor Laurel Prussing wants there to be a change to the local healthcare system. 

As Co-Ops Exit, Obamacare Choices Dwindle For 2017 – Forbes

As health insurance companies including UnitedHealth Group soon report third-quarter earnings and cash-strapped co-ops exit the market, it’s becoming more clear what health plans will be offered on public exchanges for 2017. 

Wimbiscus: Feeling ‘oddly blessed’ in midst of health issues | The Herald-News

Funny thing happened to me a couple years ago. I went and caught the Cancer. I say it’s funny because of the odd string of circumstances that culminated in my rare and currently incurable condition. 

Nearly one-third of Texas Hispanics still lack health insurance – Houston Chronicle

At least 2 million Hispanics in Texas remain uninsured even though nearly half of those residents are eligible for coverage, a local health care report has found. 

All health insurance cards to be accepted by federal hospitals in 2017 | The National

All health insurance cards will be accepted by Ministry of Health hospitals from next year. 

Endangered Nonprofit Health Insurance Co-ops Dwindle – Non Profit News For Nonprofit Organizations | Nonprofit Quarterly

Among the many provisions of the Affordable Care Act is one that allowed for the establishment of state-based “consumer operated and oriented plans,” often referred to as co-ops, to compete with private insurance. 

Taxpayers deserve a voice in battle over retiree health insurance | Opinion |

We face a number of serious long-term financial challenges in Andover. Rising property taxes are making our town unaffordable for many of our seniors and young families. 

District 54 approves health insurance plan | Morris Herald-News

MORRIS – Morris Elementary School District 54 met July 5 for its monthly Committee of the Whole meeting, but at the new board of education meeting location in the library at Shabbona Middle School. 

‘When your health insurance is bigger than the mortgage, something’s wrong’ | Dallas Morning News

In Texas, about 1.2 million people buy insurance on, and many will face steep increases in premiums for 2017. The reason: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, which has about half the market, lost $770 million on its exchange business last year. 

Report: Catastrophic health insurance claims rise for businesses

Tennessee is among the most expensive states in the country for high-cost medical, or “catastrophic,” claims, according to a report from SunLife Financial that analyzed its stop-loss insurance data. 

Good news, bad news for state’s health insurance plans – Daily Inter Lake: Members

While Montana has experienced a record drop in uninsured residents — with the greatest number of recent Medicaid enrollees coming from the Flathead Valley — the possibility of a hike in insurance costs hangs over tens of thousands of Montanans as insurers seek double-digit rate increases. 


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