Car Insurance Roundup, July 27, 2016

Would you drive less if it lowered your car insurance?

When gasoline price go up, consumers tend to drive less. It just makes economic sense. 

Your Driving Habits can Affect your Car Insurance Rates | Auto Credit Express Blog

Having auto insurance is a must, and the rates you pay for it are based on several different factors, including your driving habits. 

Best car insurance companies 2016 | Auto Express

If you own and drive a vehicle, you need motor insurance; it really is that simple. Yet even though many of us spend hours researching the very best model to suit our needs, few put the same time into finding the right cover. 

Driverless Cars Threaten to Crash Insurers’ Earnings – WSJ

Car insurers last year hauled in $200 billion of premiums, about a third of all premiums collected by the property-casualty industry. But as much as 80% of the intake could evaporate in coming decades, say some consultants, assuming crucial breakthroughs in driverless technology make driving safer and propel big changes in car ownership. 

Get No Down Payment Car Insurance In Alabama | PR Carbon

Would not you want an no down payment car insurance in Alabama which offers many discounts? Do you need an auto insurance company in Alabama that may be motivated to offer premium quality insurance at an affordable price? 

Make sure car in tip-top shape before a trip (sponsored content) | Boston Herald

Q: What should people consider before taking a trip this summer? 

‘Immoral’ Detroit Car Policy Rates ‘Should Be Illegal,’ Posts Author Anna Clark  –  Deadline Detroit

I am about to move from Detroit to Ann Arbor for one year. My AAA car insurance premium will drop from $203.61 per month to $72.92 per month. 

Consumer Wise: What to do after a car accident

Dealing with a car accident can be overwhelming, so it’s so important to be prepared in advance to make sure you’re treated fairly by the insurance companies. 

Underwriting practices vary across insurance companies – Livemint

Insurers will take a sign-off on the pre-issuance inspection report and clearly state that the pre-existing damage is excluded from insurance. 

How Auto Insurers Detect and Use Your Driving ‘Fingerprint’

You may not know it, but the way you drive is unique–sort of like a fingerprint. How fast you drive, how tight you turn, and how long you idle in the driveway before hitting the road all help to identify you from others on the road. 

SmartMoney Monday: Long-term care insurance – Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL

It’s SmartMoney Monday, and we’re wrapping up our series on long-term care insurance. If you’ve missed last week’s segment, you can get caught up on our website. Today, I’m here with Chris Otto, from Bankoh Investment Services, Inc., a non-bank subsidiary of Bank of Hawaii, talking about how to pay for long-term care insurance. 

Rental car services draw increasing complaints – The Japan News

Users are increasingly complaining about rental car service companies, including people who say they had to pay for repair costs they were not responsible for or suddenly experienced a tire blowing out when they were driving. 

Insurance premiums will continue to soar if ‘excessive’ injury claims not tackled | Irish Examiner

Consumers face higher insurance prices if “excessive” personal injury payouts — sometimes three times higher than those in England and Wales for similar injuries — are not tackled, a business group has warned. 

Expanded Uber insurance is good news, but still not perfect | Driving

Uber may have been a breech birth – all feet first, head last – but it is most definitely moving mainstream and finally bending to all those silly laws it was so intent on breaking. 

Driving slower not always cheaper (From Herald Scotland)

The car insurance advice you report suggested that driving fewer miles will reduce the chance of making a claim (“Motorists are hit by serious hike in cost of car insurance”, The Herald, July 23), but reduced mileage is not the whole story. 

Don’t fall for the car insurance “loyalty discount”

Having written in the personal finance space for some time now, I’m all too familiar with the car insurance auto-renewal ripoff, where your insurer hikes up the price of your premium each year. 

Auto insurer wants to hike rates on older drivers – CBS News

Downeasters have a bone to pick with Flo, the perky Progressive insurance spokeswoman. The car insurer wants to raise rates for certain Maine residents just because they got older. 

Insurance premium for Qatar’s ‘risky’ drivers set to increase – Transport –

Car insurance firms in Qatar have been permitted for the first time to charge a higher premium for “risky drivers”, it was reported on Sunday. 

Angry Leeds makes parking rage top ten – Yorkshire Evening Post

The city is listed at number seven in the worst places for parking rage in a poll by Privilege car insurance. 

The ‘tampon tax’ is not a marginal issue – it’s the force of structural sexism at work | Gabrielle Jackson | Opinion | The Guardian

I’m sick of conversations about the tax on tampons being shut down by claims that there are more important issues to worry about. Of course there are. 

Animals cause £500,000 of damage to cars | Plymouth Herald

The over 50s are keen motorists but it appears animals are disrupting their daily journeys as they caused more than £500,000 worth of damage to people’s vehicles last year, according to data from the last 12 months. 

Thunderstorm topples trees, crushes cars in Newington – Central Connecticut Communications: New Britain Herald

Residents dealt with the aftermath of Friday night’s thunderstorm right through the weekend, assessing damage to cars, homes and streets. 

Free Car Insurance Quotes Are Now Available Online on a Single Website!

Car owners can always benefit from comparing online auto insurance quotes. They will be able to find low cost policies in their areas and enjoy better financial protection. 

How car insurance companies spy on your mileage | Fusion

Your car insurance company may have a surprising way to spy on your odometer. 

Car insurance firms blame fraud for rise in premiums – July – 2016 – Which? News

Fraudulent personal injury claims have been cited as a key factor behind the rising cost of car insurance.

Qualifying for lower car insurance

All-Risks Insurance Brokers Ltd. in Waterloo offers competitive rates for car owners and can help you to reduce your premiums with some practical tips. 

Car insurance ‘to rise 38pc next year’ –

Car insurance companies are clawing back huge profits with massive premium increases and unless the government takes action drivers face hikes of 38pc next year, an expert has warned. 

Study: Black Car Owners Pay More For Auto Insurance Than Whites | Black Matters

A new report published by shows that Black Americans pay hundreds of dollars more for car insurance than whites. 

Things You Most Likely Do Not Know About Car Insurance – The Global Dispatch

Nowadays, insurance is necessary for individuals from all around the world. It is really important that we safeguard our most prized possessions and that we make good choices that will have a positive impact in the future. 

Woman refused insurance because of rude Cock Inn pub name – Suffolk Free Press

The landlady of an award-winning pub was refused car insurance – because the traditional boozer is called ‘The Cock Inn’. 

Maine lawmaker aims to block attempt to raise car insurance rates for older drivers – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

The House chairman of the Legislature’s Insurance and Financial Services Committee said Tuesday that he will try to block any effort by Progressive Corp. to raise car insurance premiums for seniors in Maine based solely on their age. 

Vehicle insurance fraud reaches P1b annually – The Standard

The Philippine Insurers and Reinsurers Association said the industry was losing millions to motor car insurance fraud committed by individuals or organized groups. 

Car insurance cos come to Bhopal residents’ rescue, initiate claims

Since the last few days, monsoon has been relentless in Bhopal causing floods and major havoc in the city, electricity is also snapped off at large parts of the city. There have been instances of huge damages caused to houses, cars and other establishments. 

Go Online For Finding The Best Car Insurance No Credit Check Policy Within Few Minutes | PR Carbon

These days it is possible to locate companies which offer car insurance that does not check credit buyers and the right place to find them is the internet. 

Hollard updates its travel insurance policy

Hollard customers will no longer have to first gain authorisation for certain medical emergencies while travelling. 

Britons cop more than 600 MILLION personal-injury related cold calls in ONE YEAR | Daily Mail Online

Britons received more than 600 million personal-injury related cold calls. A further 117 million nuisance texts were also sent during last year. The total communication effort equals 2 million cold calls and texts a day. 

Letters: A Brexit deal can mean maximum free trade and no freedom of movement

Sir, In your report on the worldwide hunt for trade negotiators, you quoted Pascal Lamy, the former World Trade Organisation chief, saying: “You’ve got people on the Brexit side, protectionists who want to protect from Chinese dumping.” 

European Equities Advance as British Employment Rate Rises, Health Care Stocks Gain –

European stocks were higher on Wednesday morning as fresh data showed that Britain’s employment rate was at its highest level in 45 years, standard employment gained in Germany and health care stocks climbed across the board. 

Brexit: how could it affect the classic car industry? | Classic and Performance Car

Brexit. A term coined to describe the the United Kingdom’s decision to sever ties with the European Union, making a go of it alone. Beating the odds and predictions, 17.4million UK people voted ‘Leave’, against the 16.1million ‘Remain’ voters, meaning that the public has spoken. 

Charleston Gazette-Mail | Uber starts offering rides in WV

Charleston and Morgantown residents can begin taking advantage of on demand transportation today, following Uber’s official launch in the state Tuesday afternoon. 

Former Beaverton clerk pleads guilty to embezzlement – Midland Daily News

Former Beaverton clerk Dana Weiss, 36, remains out on bond after pleading guilty Monday to embezzlement by a public official over $50 in the 55th Circuit Court. 

Bad rap for drive-to-work crowd – Chicago Tribune

There is an odd badge of honor that seems to go with commuting to work by car or truck. 

A guide to driving in the US | Holiday Articles | Luxury & Tailor-Made with Wexas Travel

One of the best things about a trip to the US is the opportunity to try that classic pastime—the great American road trip. There’s nothing quite like piling your bags into a car, and taking off down a wide stretch of open road, completely in control of your own schedule. 

The Strange Connection Between Car Insurance & Hurricanes |

Meteorologists and weather reporters often whip up a frenzy about major impending storms, and though many of these peter out with little impact, others leave devastating wreckage in their paths. 

First car insurance claims roll in for Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go, the augmented-reality app that has taken the world by storm recently, is reportedly causing distracted users to engage in unsafe behaviour, including dangerous driving leading to car crashes. 

Explore 2 Month Car Insurance Best Plans At Most Affordable Premiums With Free Help Online | PR Carbon

It is easier to find 2 month car insurance best plans by using the internet to your advantage. 

Car hire: it’s a risky business | IOL

Your flight arrives at the airport, you grab your luggage and head straight for the car hire agency. The process seems efficient enough – you have access to a car in an affordable class and you’re mobile. 

Ensuring drivers get home safe | Bangkok Post: lifestyle

Continuing our Female Leadership series, Life talks to the founders of U Drink I Drive, a business designed to reduce car accidents caused by drunk driving. 

UK Auto Insurance Policyholders Embrace Telematics to Get Lower Premiums

Demonstrating a growing intolerance of mobile phone use at the wheel, a survey of 1314*motor insurance policyholders in the UK found that consumers want to be rewarded with lower premiums for not using their smartphones while driving. 


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