Health Insurance Roundup, July 28, 2016

Average health insurance premiums fell after Obamacare took effect, study says

You might not believe it’s true, but more cost less after Obamacare began, a new analysis claims. 

Researchers study link between health insurance, tobacco and alcohol use among reproductive age women

Researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health studied the relationship between health insurance coverage and tobacco and alcohol use among reproductive age women in the United States, and whether there were differences according to pregnancy status. 

Anthem Tells Judge Cigna Deal Helps Health Insurance Markets – Bloomberg

Anthem Inc. said its proposed $48 billion merger with rival health insurer Cigna Corp. will lower consumer costs and extend coverage to more people, in response to a U.S. lawsuit seeking to block the deal. 

Bill Clinton says Hillary Clinton helped ‘get done’ the Children’s Health Insurance Program | PolitiFact Florida

Former President Bill Clinton said that after health care reform failed in the 1990s because they couldn’t break a Senate filibuster, Hillary Clinton sought to tackle health care reform piece by piece, including expanding health insurance for children. 

National Basketball Players Association to fund health insurance for ex-players

Retired NBA players with at least three years of service time in the league will receive health insurance funded by the National Basketball Players Association. 

Why Higher Health Insurance Rates? No Easy Answers | MTPR

If you want to know why health insurance companies in Montana are asking for big price increases on some of the policies they sell here next year, there are some easy answers – but they only tell part of the story. 

Health insurance execs plead case for rate hikes | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Health insurance companies made the case for double-digit rate increases next year for individual policies in Pennsylvania at a regulatory hearing Wednesday. 

Pacific Prime releases 2016 Cost of Health Insurance Report

Pacific Prime has released the 2016 version of their annual free report that looks at the cost of individual international health insurance plans in 95 countries. 

Somerset discusses health insurance changes – Perry County Tribune: News

Council heard a brief update on the second phase of the streetscape project. Council President David Snider, who presided over the meeting, informed council ME/IBI Group will be submitting plans for phase two with minor details changed first. 

Govt accepts plan to impose health insurance on visitors – Kuwait Times | Kuwait Times

MP Khalil Al-Saleh said his proposal to impose fees for health services presented to expats who come to the country on a visit visa, that he submitted at the start of the last parliamentary term, has been accepted by the government although it was opposed by the foreign ministry when it was discussed at the parliamentary health committee on May 23, 2016. 

Covered California insurance doesn’t guarantee the doctor will see you, study says – LA Times

The recent announcement that Covered California premiums will rise by double digits in 2017 is only part of the challenge for the nation’s largest health exchange. 

Health insurance coverage is associated with lower odds of alcohol use by pregnant women | EurekAlert! Science News

Researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health studied the relationship between health insurance coverage and tobacco and alcohol use among reproductive age women in the United States, and whether there were differences according to pregnancy status. 

A Google-backed health insurer wants to disrupt insurance by … limiting patient choice? – Vox

The health insurer Oscar launched in 2014 with $40 million in venture capital and a plan to disrupt America’s $1.8 trillion health care industry. 

This Indian Tech Disruptor Is Changing India’s Health Insurance Claims System – Forbes

If you suffer the misfortune of being an inpatient in the Indian medical system, you may find your time spent trying to file health insurance claims ends up being longer than your time as a patient, because it’s all being filed by hand. 

MAKING CENTS: Health insurance costs can leave you feeling sick | Irish Examiner

Health cover is a major expense in Ireland; nobody wants to face delays or money worries if illness should strike. However, standard health insurance policies aren’t the only options. 

Covered California Health Insurance Premiums Set to Jump in 2017 for Santa Barbara County Customers Your Health –

In the Tri-County region, Anthem Blue Cross California and Blue Shield of California premiums will rise, on average, 13.8 and 20 percent, respectively. 

Your health insurance may not cover you if your baby is born early – CHOICE

Health insurance is one of the things you need to think about well ahead of time if you’re planning to have a baby. After all, the last thing you want to worry about during a sleepless night is an expensive hospital bill. 

30K kids in Arizona could soon get health insurance – Tucson News Now

Thousands of children across Arizona do not have health insurance, but that could be changing. 

Panic buttons, health insurance for Seattle hotel workers up for vote in fall | The Seattle Times

The Seattle City Council voted Monday to put Initiative 124 on the November ballot. The initiative would require hotels to provide workers with panic buttons, health-insurance assistance and other protections. – U.S. government blocks historic health insurance mega-mergers

After a year of speculation about how this administration’s antitrust regulators would respond to deals between four of the five biggest health insurers — Anthem-Cigna and Aetna-Humana — the outcome is now clear.  

Quincy workers may get health insurance rebate of $175,000 – Herald-Whig –

Members of the Quincy Personnel Committee will recommend to the full City Council next week that city workers get a 19 percent rebate on premiums workers paid last year. Director of Administrative Services Glenda Hackemack said the rebates are due to lower-than-expected health insurance expenditures.

Underwriting practices vary across insurance companies – Livemint

Insurers will take a sign-off on the pre-issuance inspection report and clearly state that the pre-existing damage is excluded from insurance. 

Should Your Small Business Offer Health Insurance? | MONEY

For a small business, helping employees sign up for Obamacare often is the best idea for them. 

Your complete guide to mandatory health insurance in Dubai |

Isahd (Insurance System for Advancing Healthcare in Dubai) means ‘bringing happiness’ in Arabic and is an initiative by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to roll out sustainable health care for all nationals, residents and visitors in Dubai. 

Zenefits Settles With Tennessee Over Unlicensed Health Insurance Sales – Bloomberg

Zenefits reached its first settlement with a state government over its use of unlicensed health insurance brokers, an issue that prompted investigations in at least three other states and led its founding chief executive officer to resign this year. 

Health insurance pricing freed after 3-yr lock-in | Business Standard News

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) in its final norms on health regulations has said insurers can change the pricing of a health insurance product every year, three years after its launch. 

Arizona becomes the last state to provide health insurance to low-income children – The Washington Post

Arizona is rejoining a children’s health insurance program for low and middle-income families, becoming the last state in the union to provide coverage for health care, dental care, speech therapy and other services to families who don’t qualify for Medicaid. 

Six things young adults should know about buying health insurance

The alacrity shown by agents when selling health policies is often not seen when claims are submitted. 

Health insurance scheme on the anvil for Brahmins in State – The Hindu

The Andhra Pradesh Brahmin Corporation Chairman and former bureaucrat I.Y.R. Krishna Rao has appealed to the well-to-do Brahmins to reach out to the poor in the community. 

How to Cut Costs If Your Doctor Isn’t Part of Your Health Insurance Network – Consumer Reports

You’ve probably heard the horror stories. You go to a doctor or local hospital and expect that your health insurance will cover your costs. Then you get hit with a huge medical bill, which can leave you on the hook for thousands of dollars. 


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