Car Insurance Roundup, August 2, 2016

The car insurance industry has a huge blindspot

Last year, car insurance companies raked in over $200 billion in premiums, about a third of which were collected by the property-casualty industry. However, the car insurance business has a huge blindspot: the self driving car.

Car insurance costs hit new high – Car insurance – News – Moneyfacts

For many people, car insurance costs seem to be only ever on the rise, withcomparing alternatives the only option likely to lead to a better deal. Unfortunately, this trend looks set to continue, with latest figures revealing that car insurance is rising once again – and that the average premium has now hit a record high. 

Elderly man hits out at car insurance costs after premium almost doubles despite 72 years without a claim – Dublin Live

An 86-year-old man has vowed to break the law and drive without insurance after his premium almost doubled – despite him never making a claim. 

Get No Down Payment Car Insurance In Maryland With Free Quotes | PR Carbon

Wouldn’t you like an no down payment car insurance in Maryland that provides a lot of savings? Do you need an auto insurance company in Maryland that may be driven to provide top quality insurance at an affordable price? 

The 3 myths that put millions of drivers at risk – Mirror Online

Millions and millions of British drivers are at serious risk thanks to widespread beliefs about their car insurance that are just plain wrong – what to watch for. 

Multi-year insurance deals – do they make sense?

Locking into two- or three-year deals with insurers has its advantages – and its downsides. 

Principal Insurance revs up growth with latest deal – Manchester Evening News

The latest acquisition, which takes Principal’s total policyholder count to approximately 30,000, comes as the group continues to enjoy rapid growth. 

Would you drive less if it lowered your car insurance?

When gasoline price go up, consumers tend to drive less. It just makes economic sense. 

Your Driving Habits can Affect your Car Insurance Rates | Auto Credit Express Blog

Having auto insurance is a must, and the rates you pay for it are based on several different factors, including your driving habits. 

Best car insurance companies 2016 | Auto Express

If you own and drive a vehicle, you need motor insurance; it really is that simple. Yet even though many of us spend hours researching the very best model to suit our needs, few put the same time into finding the right cover. 

Driverless Cars Threaten to Crash Insurers’ Earnings – WSJ

Car insurers last year hauled in $200 billion of premiums, about a third of all premiums collected by the property-casualty industry. But as much as 80% of the intake could evaporate in coming decades, say some consultants, assuming crucial breakthroughs in driverless technology make driving safer and propel big changes in car ownership. 

Get No Down Payment Car Insurance In Alabama | PR Carbon

Would not you want an no down payment car insurance in Alabama which offers many discounts? Do you need an auto insurance company in Alabama that may be motivated to offer premium quality insurance at an affordable price? 

Make sure car in tip-top shape before a trip (sponsored content) | Boston Herald

Q: What should people consider before taking a trip this summer? 

‘Immoral’ Detroit Car Policy Rates ‘Should Be Illegal,’ Posts Author Anna Clark  –  Deadline Detroit

I am about to move from Detroit to Ann Arbor for one year. My AAA car insurance premium will drop from $203.61 per month to $72.92 per month. 

Consumer Wise: What to do after a car accident

Dealing with a car accident can be overwhelming, so it’s so important to be prepared in advance to make sure you’re treated fairly by the insurance companies. 

Underwriting practices vary across insurance companies – Livemint

Insurers will take a sign-off on the pre-issuance inspection report and clearly state that the pre-existing damage is excluded from insurance. 

How Auto Insurers Detect and Use Your Driving ‘Fingerprint’

You may not know it, but the way you drive is unique–sort of like a fingerprint. How fast you drive, how tight you turn, and how long you idle in the driveway before hitting the road all help to identify you from others on the road. 

SmartMoney Monday: Long-term care insurance – Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL

It’s SmartMoney Monday, and we’re wrapping up our series on long-term care insurance. If you’ve missed last week’s segment, you can get caught up on our website. Today, I’m here with Chris Otto, from Bankoh Investment Services, Inc., a non-bank subsidiary of Bank of Hawaii, talking about how to pay for long-term care insurance. 


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