Car Insurance Roundup, August 4, 2016


James Corden Goes From Carpool to Car Insurance in U.K. Campaign for – Video – Creativity Online

Mandatory car insurance premium, up 26% in Romania – Romania Insider

Cop busted for torching his cars for insurance payouts | New York Post

Compare New Car Insurance Quotes in August – Shopping Around Helps Drivers Save Money! |

Car insurance myths put motorists at risk | Easier

Gap Insurance: Do You Need It? |

Mexico’s vehicle insurance market still has low penetration – BNamericas

NSW drivers warned to get receipt when they fill up or risk thousands of dollars damage | Daily Mail Online

How to reduce the risk of whiplash in car accidents

Emerging Myanmar discovering it pays to insure

BlueIndy Car Sharing | EV/Hybrid Municipal Fleet – Consumer Reports

Romania’s insurance market goes up by 9% in the first quarter – Romania Insider

50 Top Auto Dealerships in Florida, Continued

50 Top Auto Dealerships in Florida

How do car insurance agents get paid?

How do car insurance companies investigate claims?

How do I check if I have car insurance?

Worst Drivers By State – 2014

Most Dangerous States for Drunk Driving

How do I get my own car insurance?

Revised Auto Insurance Claim Forms: OCF-18, OCF-21 and OCF-23

Private Vehicles for Hire – Ridesharing: Fleet Insurance Policy (Intact/Uber), Approval of an Electronic Insurance Card for Ridesharing, and Amendments to the Definition of “Fleet”

Gender on Driver’s Licences

Revised Assessment of Attendant Care Needs and Introduction of Form 1 HCAI Pilot Project

Auto Insurance Reforms Require Informed Decisions

Upcoming #Fraudchats in 2016

Drivers Need to Pay Attention to Auto Insurance Changes

Amendment to Catastrophic Impairment Definition

Auto Insurance 101



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