Car Insurance Roundup, August 23, 2016

Car insurance firms hike premiums even for drivers not at fault in a crash

Readers puzzled by postal codes and car insurance: Mayers | Toronto Star

Key Car Insurance Terms – Consumer Reports

Car insurance costs soar nearly 20 per cent in 12 months – Wakefield Express

Steps to take in keeping your car insurance quote affordable – Home

Who Pays More for Car Insurance: Democrats or Republicans? – Quoted

Finding the Best Car Insurance Policy and Rate | Auto Credit Express Blog

10 tips for cutting your car, home and travel insurance costs now | This is Money

Pebble Beach car auctions sales slip

Insurance Specialist Admiral Group Drives Improvements in Customer Engagement Quality with Verint Solutions | Business Wire

An Advisor’s Tips for Buying a Car –

Independent leaguer breaks his own car windshield with grand slam

Who will forego owning a car when Tesla’s ride-sharing service becomes available?

Algorithms are not impartial — and may penalise by race —

Is insurance industry discriminating by race?

Car insurance claims can hit blameless drivers hard – August – 2016 – Which? News

Car insurance costs soar nearly 20 per cent in 12 months – Banbury Guardian

Get A Free Quotes For Car Insurance Venetie AK 99781 | PR Carbon

Buying a pre-owned car? Get hold of these documents for a smooth ride

Admiral Group plc 27.5% Potential Decrease Indicated by Macquarie –

Need for comprehensive motor insurance cover

Why your insurance is getting more expensive |

Pebble Beach 2016: The Concours d’LeMons celebrates the best of the worst – LA Times

Kelvin MacKenzie: Leave it out BBC … Britain has been doing great since the Brexit vote

Auto Insurer Might Sue Tesla Over Autopilot-Related Crash

Insurance: Consolidation and digital technology reshape the market | Reports | The Diplomat Bucharest

Ghost broker who duped own friends faces jail term

Big data has a bigger future


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