Car Insurance Roundup, August 30, 2016

Teens test drive classic cars at Marmion – Elgin Courier-News

Don’t drink and drive — Arizona is the strictest state on high-risk drivers – Phoenix Business Journal

Much to love about Perth but family draws emigrants home

Those Who Are Hardest To Love Are The Ones Who Need It Most

New parking enforcement tech coming

Don’t listen to these idiots

CarVi: Bringing the Power of Technology Into the Auto Insurance Industry – Press Release – Digital Journal

3 Ways to Get a Better Trade-In Deal for Your Car – Quoted

Debt, investment, car insurance and savings | Coffee House

App speeds car insurance claim – The Nation

Uninsured motorists driving up car insurance costs for all drivers, new figures show – Irish Mirror Online

Get A Free Quotes For Car Insurance Autaugaville AL 36003 | PR Carbon

Why Filipinos Ignore Insurance

Affordable Auto Insurance By Comparing Online Quotes – A Simple Way to Cut on Expenses!

What you need to do ensure your car insurer pays out when you need them to |

Here’s How You Can Protect Yourself And Your Family | Features |

McKinney police arrest man with ‘burglary kit’ in his car for parole violation |

Bulgarian group enters health insurance segment in Romania

Youi customers share their worst horror stories

Get A Free Quotes For Car Insurance Ashland AL 36251 | PR Carbon

Thai bank offers Pokémon Go insurance: Protection from ‘huge and dangerous stampedes’ | Marketing | Campaign Asia

Claims to blame for high prices, insurers say | Ireland | The Times & The Sunday Times

Why you won’t get your car’s purchase price from your insurer |

How to prepare financially for an upcoming layoff

More companies insure against employee harassment

Five things you need to know today

How bad is Ireland’s bureaucracy?

Fretting the un-manning of America – LA Times

Auto Insurance Costs More After Multiple Fines and Traffic Violations! |


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