Car Insurance Roundup, November 3, 2016

Facebook forces Admiral to pull plan to price car insurance based on posts | Money | The Guardian

Got bad credit? In Alabama, car insurance is going to cost you more. A lot more. |

Study: Tallahassee has cheap car insurance

How Local Car Theft is Raising Your Car Insurance Premium

12 Facts of | Why Should You Compare Car Insurance?

Facebook Rejects Admiral’s Car Insurance Data Plans – Finance News – London South East

Car insurance company’s plan to offer discounts based on social media posts is blocked by Facebook

Admiral to price car insurance based on Facebook posts | Technology | The Guardian

Tips in Getting Cheapest Car Insurance in Des Moines, Iowa : Crime & Justice : Headlines & Global News

Inflation, house prices, pensions and car insurance | Coffee House

Car insurance premiums to drop 80% | Car & SUV

Need to Pick an Insurance Plan? Start Here – The New York Times

How to know if you have a car accident claim with Greene & Phill – FOX10 News | WALA

Moneysupermarket on course for a record year as insurance sales rise

Get A Free Quotes For Car Insurance Millerville AL 36267 | PR Carbon

Insurer Hastings on course a year after its IPO

The Car Insurance Catch that can Double your Cover


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