Car Insurance Roundup, February 16, 2017

Drink driver had five month old baby in lap – Portadown Times

Car restorer killed in suspected hit had CCTV – Best friend hopes shooter will be identified on camera – Times LIVE

Dramatic Changes: Artificial intelligence Expected to Take Place of Insurance Planners | BusinessKorea

Pothole problems: San Diego residents tire of retiring tires – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Police intercept two vehicles in separate incidents after high speed chases – Gazette Live

Police Impound Suspicious Govt Stolen Car

Mother and son arrested after ‘faking her death in car crash to get £140k payout’ | Metro News

5 scenarios where your motor insurer may reject your claim – The Financial Express

Must know traps by car insurance providers, read on to save £113 a year

How to single out a fake car insurance policy – The Financial Express

Car insurance goes up annually?? – Forums

This Is The Guy Driving The Infiniti In The Car Insurance Scam Video – Turtleboy

Super Cheap Car Insurance Quote – Wattpad

Ford Transit van owners warned crooks are using gadget to unlock their vehicles | Nottingham Post

Shop Insurance Canada Announces its Membership with the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce – Press Release – Digital Journal

Everything you need to know about current child car seat regulations

Legal Matters: Auto insurance accident coverage when across the border

Why Senior Citizens Are Going to Love Autonomous Cars | Digital Trends

Can I use a women’s car insurance broker to get a cheaper quote for my son? –

Who pays the most for car insurance? – Business – NZ Herald News

Killer driver tried to sue dead teenager’s insurance firm

The Advantages of Getting Car Insurance Quotes From Agents

Who pays the most for car insurance? – Business – NZ Herald News

Get Free Car Insurance Quotes and Shop for Coverage in a Simple and Advantageous Way! – Yahoo Singapore Finance

How to Avoid Costly Auto Insurance Mistakes and Get Better Coverage!

Why people are fronting and how it affects your car insurance – Liverpool Echo

Why You Need Car Insurance | Smile & Mobile

Car Insurance For A Sports Car – Blogs – Plunkd

Can I Get Backdated Auto Insurance?

Motor Car Insurance Coverage – How Under Twenty Five Motorists Can Conserve – Blogs – Plunkd

Serial offender Eamon Lynch tried to sue family of his teenage victim who he killed travelling at 165kph – Irish Mirror Online

London car owners pay twice more for car insurance than the rest of Britain

“Does my car insurance cover moose fights?” | BuzzBoomBox

How is it possible for a 24 year student to earn more than $14,500 a month, so that he bought himself a BMW X6? | Yahoo Answers


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