Health Insurance Roundup, February 27, 2017

Republican health care reform must encourage competition and improve consumer choice – Washington Times

11 Key Questions Answered for Rapid, Rigorous and Reproducible Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying – World News Report – EIN News

Smart things to know about why health cover claims get rejected – The Economic Times

Republican health care reform must encourage competition and improve consumer choice – Washington Times

Access, affordability paramount to any health care plan | Opinion Columnists |

Scott Walker touts state’s health care for poor as Obamacare alternative

Five takeaways from the leaked Republican bill to repeal Obamacare | PBS NewsHour

The Benefits and Risks of a Health Savings Account | Business Markets and Stocks News |

NDA’s healthcare bonanza for retired industrial workers – Livemint

To meet demand, CU Boulder asking to double its student mental health fee – Boulder Daily Camera

White House Refuses To Guarantee People Won’t Lose Health Insurance From Repeal | The Huffington Post

Maintain mental health care access | Letters to the Editor |

The Historical Logic of National Health Insurance: Structure and Sequence in the Development of British, Canadian, and U.S. Medical Policy | Studies in American Political Development | Cambridge Core

Republicans’ Replacement for Obamacare Taking Shape

Forget the banks – health insurance makes them look like amateurs

GOP Congress Should Stop the Competitive Health Insurance Act | RedState

family floater: Why you should not include parents in medical insurance floater policies – The Economic Times

Cancer patients fear possible repeal of health act |

Faux health insurance deal swindles Fort Myers woman – WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

Attention Required! | Cloudflare

Health care leaders to Congress: Stabilize insurance market

Obamacare architect speaks at Premier Health event

The GOP Thinks People Want Freedom From Health Insurance | Thomas Jefferson Street | US News

GOP Congressman Says A Drop In The Number Of Insured People Could Be “A Good Thing” – BuzzFeed News

Decline continues in small employer health insurance | Star Tribune

Affordable Health Care For All Washingtonians Is A Critical D.C. Value | The Huffington Post

Attention Required! | Cloudflare

What you need to know before buying health insurance for kids | Coffee House

Health insurance, unfair contract terms and broadband speed among ACCC priorities

Republican’s insurance bill brings back preexisting conditions, defines contraception as abortion | City Pages

Obamacare 101: Are health insurance marketplaces in a death spiral? – LA Times


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