Health Insurance Roundup, February 28, 2017

More Than 3K Records Breached at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Trump applauds ‘great’ meeting with health insurance CEOs – LA Times

Health Insurance??? – Glow Community

What you need to know about Minnesota health insurance premium subsidies | Duluth News Tribune

‘No extra deductions for health insurance’ | The Herald

Seeking to destroy Obamacare, Donald Trump admits healthcare is ‘so complicated’

Trump applauds ‘great’ meeting with health insurance CEOs – LA Times

Alabama lawmakers consider bill to require health insurance coverage for autism | WBMA

How much are you paying for your health insurance? |

Health insurers optimistic after meeting with Trump – Modern Healthcare

Dental coalition urges House to support the Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act

In Palestine, no job means no health insurance

Governors fear they’ll get stuck with bigger health care bill

Counterpunch and Private Health Insurance Companies’ War on the Working Class | Beastrabban\’s Weblog

GOP will end up saving Obama’s legacy on health insurance | Fox News

Republican health care reform must encourage competition and improve consumer choice – Washington Times

11 Key Questions Answered for Rapid, Rigorous and Reproducible Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying – World News Report – EIN News

Smart things to know about why health cover claims get rejected – The Economic Times

Republican health care reform must encourage competition and improve consumer choice – Washington Times

Access, affordability paramount to any health care plan | Opinion Columnists |

Scott Walker touts state’s health care for poor as Obamacare alternative

Five takeaways from the leaked Republican bill to repeal Obamacare | PBS NewsHour

The Benefits and Risks of a Health Savings Account | Business Markets and Stocks News |

NDA’s healthcare bonanza for retired industrial workers – Livemint

To meet demand, CU Boulder asking to double its student mental health fee – Boulder Daily Camera

White House Refuses To Guarantee People Won’t Lose Health Insurance From Repeal | The Huffington Post

Maintain mental health care access | Letters to the Editor |

The Historical Logic of National Health Insurance: Structure and Sequence in the Development of British, Canadian, and U.S. Medical Policy | Studies in American Political Development | Cambridge Core

Republicans’ Replacement for Obamacare Taking Shape

Forget the banks – health insurance makes them look like amateurs

GOP Congress Should Stop the Competitive Health Insurance Act | RedState

family floater: Why you should not include parents in medical insurance floater policies – The Economic Times


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