Health Insurance Roundup, March 27, 2017

Guest view: Let’s talk health insurance in the Quad-Cities | Guest Column |

Health care mandates staying put

Mental health insurance claims skyrocket as Australians seek treatment

It’s Time For A Single-Payer Healthcare System | The Huffington Post

Trump’s healthcare flop lowers blood pressure for those who feared the worst – LA Times

Fact check: David Price claim about AHCA and rising health insurance costs in North Carolina | News & Observer

Now what? Options for consumers as health law drama fades – The Denver Post

The Myth of Free Market Health Insurance

Dubai residents, you only have until March 31 to get health insurance – Khaleej Times

The Future Of Obamacare Is In Trump’s Hands | FiveThirtyEight

Governor vetoes health fees bill, says offers little benefit | The Merced Sun-Star

Matt O’Brien: The tragedy of 24 million people keeping their health insurance | The Salt Lake Tribune

Demand Single Payer Health Insurance For All –

Kathleen Sebelius: Americans want health care that works for all | The Kansas City Star

50 protest GOP health insurance proposal – The Blade

Dayton, legislators work on health insurance aid as deadline nears | WDAZ

Think GOP Health Insurance Overhaul Is Stalled? Some Changes Already Are Underway

The GOP’s Obamacare Replacement Plan May Not Mandate ‘Essential Health Benefits’ Coverage – The Atlantic

Baker health insurance assessment alternative would hit more employers – News – – Worcester, MA – Connecting People Through News

VERIFY | Using technology to determine car insurance rates |

Mainers with insurance through ACA waiting for health care vote |

Privacy error

New CBO estimate shows smaller savings from Obamacare replacement

Nicole helps… beat the April health insurance price rise

The Republican health care bill would force insurance companies to stop offering abortion coverage on their marketplace plans — Quartz

Nebraskans should prioritize health insurance market | Letters to the Editor |

Republicans may gut an overlooked provision of Obamacare — and disrupt health insurance

Shaw says GCT on group health insurance deductible from companies’ income tax filings – News –

GOP Health Insurance Plan Hits Older People Hardest – Consumer Reports

If Obamacare dies, a Facebook post could cause you to lose your health insurance

Texas Senate passes restrictions on abortion insurance | The Texas Tribune

Crunch time for baby boomers as health insurance premiums sky-rocket |


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