Health Insurance Roundup, February 6, 2018

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  • New York sees another year of record-setting health insurance coverage

    on 2018-02-06 at 00:38New York saw another record-breaking year for health insurance, as more than 4.3 million residents bought policies through the State of Health Marketplace — 700,000 more people covered than in 2017. Open enrollment season for 2018 health insurance coverage officially ended Wednesday. Nearly […]

  • Practical Health Insurance Jobs

    on 2018-02-05 at 23:411-Click Job Application allows you to apply to 1+ jobs at PRACTICAL HEALTH INSURANCE! Find career vacancies near you that are hiring now on ZipRecruiter. […]

  • Is private health insurance a con? The answer is in the graphs

    on 2018-02-05 at 22:40It introduced the Medicare levy surcharge for everyone earning over $100,000, and in 1999 the 30% private health insurance rebate. And then came the doozy – in 1999 the Howard government came up with a plan to blackmail people into joining private health insurance. The introduction of […]

  • Budget 2018 analysis: Proposals to drive health and life insurance penetration

    on 2018-02-05 at 21:45From revealing the blueprint of the biggest healthcare scheme so far for vulnerable and underprivileged households, increasing exemption limit for health insurance for senior citizens, consolidation of the PSU general insurers and the expected listing on the stock exchanges show the […]

  • Funding for retired teacher’s health insurance on the chopping block

    on 2018-02-05 at 21:11“Which would mean that when you retire if you’re under the age of 65 you would have to bear the full cost yourself of any health insurance you took out,” said Becky Skaggs, a retired teacher who now serves as the UniServ Director for the Kentucky Education Association in the Prestonsburg service […]

  • Fact Check: Trump’s Criticism of UK’s National Health Service

    on 2018-02-05 at 21:11It depends. Many Americans — Democrats and Republicans alike — talk about support for “universal health care,” but that term usually refers to universal health insurance coverage, and there are competing visions of how to achieve that goal. Public support for a single-payer […]

  • Saffo and Rivenbark lobby for insurance policy change to benefit one employee

    on 2018-02-05 at 21:00WILMINGTON — The City of Wilmington’s City Council on Tuesday will consider changing who is eligible for the city’s retirement health insurance benefits, a program that is not even available to anyone hired after 2011 currently. But one city employee is hoping to add his wife to his […]

  • In a first, private insurance firm offers Rs 3 lakh cover for autistic kids children

    on 2018-02-05 at 20:40MUMBAI: Just as the Centre’s Rs 5 lakh health insurance cover for economically backward families has generated considerable debate since it was announced in the Budget last week, a private firm’s Rs 3 lakh medical insurance offering for children with autism has led to much discussion among … […]

  • Health insurance cover for 10 crore families: ‘Need to keep admin costs down, hold insurance firms …

    on 2018-02-05 at 20:03The important distinction to make is between compulsory public insurance systems (using progressive social health insurance contributions but also tax financing — which is a form of health insurance) and private voluntary health insurance (where people choose whether to join). It is […]

  • Is A Statewide Insurance Mandate Next For California?

    on 2018-02-05 at 19:5212, 2015 file photo Laura San Nicolas, right, and her daughter Geena, wait to meet with an enrollment counselor to sign up for health insurance at Sacramento … Debra Kelch, president of the Insure the Uninsured Project, said it wasn’t just the mandate that got people on board with health […]

  • TN offers lessons in health insurance

    on 2018-02-05 at 19:38Chennai: At least three in five people in Tamil Nadu have medical insurance, largely due to the state government’s decade-old tax-funded health insurance scheme. The rollout and running of the state-wide insurance scheme is a tale of ups and downs — and a possible case study for the Centre […]

  • Eyewash tag on health insurance

    on 2018-02-05 at 19:30Patna: The Centre’s budget announcement of Rs 5 lakh medical insurance cover per year to 10 crore poor families is merely an eyewash because private hospitals are supposed to play a major role in providing the insurance cover benefits, according to the state chapter of the All India […]


  • Tips to Finding Self Employed Health Insurance

    by Helen Petruska on 2018-01-28 at 19:28Self employed well being insurance is a difficult product to discover, significantly within the United States. Part of the issue with getting well being insurance typically is that in World War II, when there have been wage and worth controls, well being insurance grew to become one of many […]

  • 7 Tips For Getting The Right Health Insurance

    by Helen Petruska on 2018-01-27 at 08:21Are you looking for the well being insurance plan that’s best for you however are simply unsure what questions do you want? Focusing on the seven subjects beneath would possibly enable you to get a transparent image of what to search for. What selections do I’ve in terms of choosing a […]


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